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Ulysses' past was largely unrevealed, including his true age, although according to some Pantheon members, his life was particularly scandalous. In early years it seems he was picked on by his peers for his inherent abilities. He was a part of a Detroit gang until he was arrested for the attempted murder of Achilles. He was then rescued from jail by Achilles and the Ulysses of that time. He was eventually given his code name in reference to the great and cunning warrior of the ancient Greek city of Ithica. Ulysses serves on the Pantheon's elite fighting team. After the fall of The Mount Ulysses went off in search of Delphi.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Ulysses is a human, Asgardian hybrid, providing various advantages over other humans.

  • Superhuman Strength: Due to his Asgardian heritage he has superhuman strength.
  • Superhuman Stamina: His musculature generates considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of a human. m.
  • Dense Tissue: Due to his Asgardian heritage his bodily tissues have about 3 times the density of the bodily tissues of a human.
  • Superhuman Durability: His body is much harder and more resistant to damage than the body of a human being. He can withstand great impact forces, falls from great heights, powerful energy blasts, and exposure to extremes in both temperature and pressures without sustaining injury.
  • Extended Longevity: Due to his Asgardian heritage he ages much slower then an average person. He is also immune to all known Earthly diseases and infections.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: If he is injured, his Asgardian metabolism enables him to repair damages tissue much faster and much more extensively than a human being. However, he can't regenerate severed limbs or missing organs.



  • Armor: Ulysses wears an armored suit that contains bucklers on his arms that are capable of generating a plasma shield.
  • Plasma Blade: Ulysses carries a hilt that can generate a plasma blade capable of slicing through iron several feet thick.

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