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Information-silk Relatives
Satan (husband);
Hellstorm (son);
Satana (daughter);
Demona (granddaughter)
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Incedibly long eyebrows in resemblence of devil horns
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Mental Hospital
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The Hellstrom family were secretly Satanists. Victoria was apparently 'sold' to the Chapel of Dresden. They marked her to be the mother of a half-human, half-demon child. On her womb were several magical symbols.

Victoria considered joining a convent, but was rejected.

Marduk Kurios (acting as 'Satan') arrived in Fire Lake. He quickly seduced and married Victoria[1]. According to another account given by Daimon, Victoria's parents suddenly died after she first met Marduk at Fire Lake. However, it seems this was false.

Daimon was born a year later. Satana was born a year and a half later.

As 'Satan' focused more attention on his daughter, Victoria and Daimon became closer. Victoria caught Satana performing a ritual sacrifice. She went mad from the experience and was institutionalized. She constantly held an ankh as protection from her husband.

Victoria wrote a diary to Daimon explaining about his past. However, she did not tell the full details either due to her madness or not wanting to admit she had been a willing participant. She died at the mental hospital, and Daimon shortly found her diary at the mansion[1].

Stephen Loss exhumed Victoria's body and confirmed that she had been marked by the Dresden, whom he had destroyed a few months after Satana's birth.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Strength level

Normal human female with little regular exercise.


  • According to her tombstone in Ghost Rider Vol 2 #1, Victoria was born on March, 4 1928 and died on August 21, 1953.

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