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| Alignment = Neutral
| Alignment = Neutral
| Affiliation =
| Affiliation =
| Relatives = [[Marduk Kurios (Earth-616)|Satan]] (husband);<br> [[Damian Hellstrom (Earth-616)|Damian]] (aka Hellstorm, son);<br> [[Satana Hellstrom (Earth-616)|Satana]] (daughter);<br>[[Demona Hellstrom (Earth-616)|Demona]] (granddaughter);<br>
| Relatives = [[Marduk Kurios (Earth-616)|Satan]] (husband);<br> [[Daimon Hellstrom (Earth-616)|Hellstorm]] (son);<br> [[Satana Hellstrom (Earth-616)|Satana]] (daughter);<br>[[Demona Hellstrom (Earth-616)|Demona]] (granddaughter)<br>
| Universe = Earth-616
| Universe = Earth-616
| BaseOfOperations = [[Greentown]], [[Massachusetts]]
| BaseOfOperations = [[Greentown]], [[Massachusetts]]

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Information-silk Relatives
Satan (husband);
Hellstorm (son);
Satana (daughter);
Demona (granddaughter)
Information-silk Base Of Operations
Information-silk Alignment
Information-silk Identity
Information-silk Citizenship
Information-silk Marital Status
Information-silk Occupation

Information-silk Gender
Information-silk Height
Information-silk Eyes
Information-silk Hair
Information-silk Unusual Features
Incedibly long eyebrows in resemblence of devil horns
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Place of Birth
Information-silk Place of Death
Mental Hospital
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The Hellstrom family were secretly Satanists. Victoria was apparently 'sold' to the Chapel of Dresden. They marked her to be the mother of a half-human, half-demon child. On her womb were several magical symbols.

Victoria considered joining a convent, but was rejected.

Marduk Kurios (acting as 'Satan') arrived in Fire Lake. He quickly seduced and married Victoria. According to another account given by Daimon, Victoria's parents suddenly died after she first met Marduk at Fire Lake. However, it seems this was false.

Daimon was born a year later. Satana was born a year and a half later.

As 'Satan' focused more attention on his daughter, Victoria and Daimon became closer. Victoria caught Satana performing a ritual sacrifice. She went mad from the experience. She constantly held an ankh as protection from her husband.

Victoria wrote a diary to Daimon explaining about his past. However, she did not tell the full details either due to her madness or not wanting to admit she had been a willing participant. She died at the mental hospital, and Daimon shortly found her diary at the mansion.

Stephen Loss exhumed Victoria's body and confirmed that she had been marked by the Dresden, whom he had destroyed a few months after Satana's birth.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Strength level

Normal human female with little regular exercise.

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