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Utopia Island
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Asteroid M, Nation X, Mutant Capital of the World[1]

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Asteroid M 001
Utopia as the Asteroid M


Utopia was the main headquarters of the majority of the mutant population and the X-Men. Utopia first began as Asteroid M, the orbital space station of mutant terrorist Magneto. Asteroid M had several levels, including an observation deck, hangar bays, medical facilities, technology that kept it concealed from standard detection technology, and was positioned in stationary orbit, probably over Anya Lehnsherr's (Magneto's eldest child) grave. Magneto completed construction on Asteroid M just before recruiting his original group of Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.[1] It was destroyed in a battle with the original X-Men, when someone was suspected of hitting the wrong buttons that would initiate the self-destruction of the base.[2]


Many years later, Utopia was brought back to the surface by the X-Club, under the direction of Cyclops. Seeing no other option, Cyclops decided to move the mutant population (then stationed in the Marin Headlands at Graymalkin Industries) to this island, and off U.S. soil to avoid further persecution by the government, and Norman Osborn and his H.A.M.M.E.R. in particular.[3]

Utopia 0004
Profile view of Utopia during the Second Coming
GipdacAdded by Gipdac


Although the X-Men's island public (still unofficial) sovereignty protected them from Osborn, they still were not free from other issues and further besiegement. Almost immediately the X-Men had to worry about food and water supplies. Storm and Iceman were able to use their mutant abilities to aid in supplementing the water supply. New Mutants and Young X-Men were tasked with cultivating a farm,[4] but in the meantime Mayor Sinclair commissioned food supplies to be delivered to Utopia on a semi-regular basis.

After the death of Dr. Takiguchi, Utopia hosted it's first funeral service. Dr. Takiguchi's death left the X-Club one member short, but they were still tasked with the dire issue of preventing the sinking of Utopia. This issue was temporarily solved with the arrival of former villain now turned repentant Magneto. Magneto was recruited by the X-Club to utilizes his electro-magnetic powers to keep Utopia afloat. However, this meant long, daily sessions for Magneto. To find a more permanent solution and to win the trust of Cyclops, Magneto secretly approached Namor with a proposition. Magneto suggested that Namor build a large pillar structure underneath Utopia to prevent the island's sinking and to act as a new home for the scattered Atlanteans. Namor consented and New Atlantis was born.[5]


Despite escaping the threat of Osborn, the X-Men's numerous other enemies wasted little time is attacking their new home. Lobe and his U-Men, forced Scalphunter to kamikaze several Predator X's onto Utopia.[5] Later Lobe's team was also responsible for the release of a virulent strain of HX-N1 to infect the X-Men with power-sapping flu. Utopia was temporarily placed under quarantine as a result.[6]

Utopia (X-Men Base)
HarasarAdded by Harasar

Emplate attack to kidnap mutants to feed his hunger.[7][8]

Selene sent an army of undead mutants along with her elite team of Death Dealers to attack the island.[9][10]

Not long afterward, with the return of Cable and Hope Summers, Bastion was able to launch his final plans for the destruction of mutantkind. Bastion was able to create an impenetrable dome over Utopia and the Bay Area to cut off the X-Men from any help. Inside the dome, Bastion opened a portal to allow several Nimrod Sentinels to enter and attack.[11]

After a brief break, the X-Men were next attacked by Xarus and his vampire hordes.[12]

After Kid Omega's telepathic attack on the United Nations, anti-mutant sentiment began to rise and world leaders began reactivating Sentinels.[13] Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Mayor Sinclair expedite the grand opening of the Mutant History Museum. Unfortunately, Kade Kilgore and his Hellfire Club used this opportunity to attack the X-Men. Despite Wolverine's objections, Cyclops ordered Idie to stop the Hellfire Club by killing them all. These event lead to a giant super-Sentinel nearly destroying Utopia, and Cyclops and Wolverine parting ways because of philosophical differences.[14][15]

Utopia (X-Men Base) from New Avengers Vol 2 28
Utopia under the control of the Phoenix Five
ADourAdded by ADour

Phoenix Five and Downfall

After Captain America arrived on Utopia, demanding Hope Summers, a war between the Avengers and the X-Men began. Due to the Avengers intervention, the Phoenix was accidentally split, and merged with five X-Men. Using their new powers, Phoenix Five recreated Utopia into a giant structure raised floating over the San Francisco Bay. After the Phoenix Force was excised from Cyclops, Utopia fell, ruined, back into the bay, sinking more and more everyday.[16][17][18][19]

Alternate Versions

Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

In this reality Utopia is located in the Southwest of Utah rather than being a separate island, and covers 20 miles of land. After the Nimrod attack, President Captain America gave the mutant resistence the opportunity to forge their own nation, which is composed of a small portion of the United States which was given to them. The leader of Utopia by election was Kitty Pryde.

Steampunk Godworld (Earth-TRN228)

Utopia (Earth-TRN228) 01
Xavier and Magnus' hidden base, Utopia
GipdacAdded by Gipdac

On Earth-TRN228, Magnus and Xavier created a secret base psychically hidden from Storm and the Gods. This island of Utopia soon became a haven of science and technology for free mortals. They worked together for years until the arrival of the X-Men who revealed his secret and freed the Gods from his control. Xavier was then killed by Magnus.[20]

Points of Interest

Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 524 page 04 Utopia (X-Men Base)
The Sick Bay on Utopia
GipdacAdded by Gipdac
  • X-Lab - Located near the Sick Bay, the X-Lab serve as the headquarters of X-Club. Jeffries, Dr. Rao and Dr. Nemesis all spend the majority of their time here running various experiments.
  • X-Brig - Also called the virtual reality prison, Danger serves a warden over the prisoners (such as Sebastian Shaw and Empath) who are kept unconscious while she works to rehabilitate their minds in the virtual reality environment.[28][25]
  • Mess Hall - The limited food rations are kept here and citizens come here to dine.[22][26]
AtlanteanPillar(Utopia) 001
The Atlantean Pillar beneath Utopia
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