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Information-silk Real NameUtgard-Loki
Information-silk Current AliasUtgard-Loki
Information-silk AliasesUtgard, Skrymir, Big Fellow, Loki of the Outyards
Information-silk AffiliationFrost giants of Jotunheim
Information-silk Base Of OperationsJotunheim
Information-silk AlignmentBad
Information-silk IdentitySecret Identity
Information-silk CitizenshipFrost Giants
Information-silk Marital StatusSingle
Information-silk OccupationMonarch of Jotunheim
Information-silk GenderMale
Information-silk Height50' 0"
Information-silk Weight128000 lbs (58060 kg)
Information-silk EyesBlue
Information-silk HairWhite
Information-silk OriginFrost Giants
Information-silk UniverseEarth-616
Information-silk Place of BirthJotunheim, Asgard dimension
Information-silk CreatorsRoy Thomas, John Buscema
First Appearance
Thor #272
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Utgard-Loki is monarch of the Frost Giants, who for millennia have been the enemies of the immortal gods of Asgard. The Frost Giants dwell in Jotunheim, a realm of ice, snow, and cold, which lies in a dimension other than that of Earth. Jotunheim is one of the "Nine Worlds" of Asgardian cosmology. Utgard-Loki defeated Thor, prince of Asgard, in an encounter as yet unrecorded outside the Norse myths. More recently, Utgard-Loki learned of the disappearance of Odin, monarch of Asgard, and planned to take this opportunity to conquer Asgard. As a first step, Utgard-Loki and his Frost Giants invaded Nornheim and captured its ruler, the sorceress Karnilla, a sometime ally of Asgard. Utgard-Loki used his enchanted dust to turn the other inhabitants of Nornheim to stone, and forced Karnilla, who was prevented from using her powers by magic shackles, to work as a slave in his fortress. Thus Utgard-Loki deprived Asgard of a potential ally, and he planned to eliminate Asgard's other allies as well until Asgard would be forced to stand alone against invasion by Jotunheim. Karnilla's lover, Balder the Brave, one of Asgard's leading warriors, went to Jotunheim to rescue her.

Using his newly developed power to radiate light and heat, Balder melted the fortress of Utgard-Loki, which had been constructed from ice, and reduced Utgard-Loki and his fellow giants to tiny size. Balder freed Karnilla, took her back to Nornheim, and then returned to Asgard, where soon afterward, he was made Odin's successor as monarch of Asgard. But whether or not Utgard-Loki will remain in greatly reduced size remains to be seen, and the Frost Giants will soon launch a new attack against Asgard.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Utgard-Loki possesses the superhuman physical attributes of the members of his race, the Frost Giants (sometimes called Storm Giants) of Jotunheim.
  • Possesses vast superhuman strength, lifting 100 tons.
  • Is extremely long-lived (although not immortal)
  • Resistant to conventional injury.
  • His flesh and bone are far denser than similar human tissue, contributing to his superhuman strength and weight, which are also the result of his great size.
  • Utgard-Loki is also a master of the arts of sorcery as they have been developed in Jotunheim.
  • The full extent of his magical abilities is unknown, and he need potions and enchanted dust to perform some of his magical feats. Unaided. he can transform a person into a bird.
  • Through unknown means he can control the environment of Jotunheim so as to cause a traveler to return to his starting point without knowing it.
Power Grid [2]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills

Strength level

As a Frost Giant, Utgard-Loki possesses vast superhuman strength and can lift 100 tons.


Like all Frost Giants, he's vulnerable to heat.



Potions, dust and other magical items.


  • His enchanted dust can turn persons to stone.
  • Using a potion he can command the weather to grow colder.


  • Like all the giants of Jotunheim, Utgard-Loki, needs cold temperatures to maintain his existence. Great heat will cause the Frost Giants to "melt," thereby shrinking in size. Continued exposure to such heat would case a Frost Giant to liquefy completely.
  • Thor #272 (first appearance)
  • Balder the Brave #2-4
  • Thor #381-382

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