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A synthetic material created by the famous scientist Reed Richards which can be altered easily and adapt to a certain environment, allowing them to be incredibly resilient to drastic changes in heat, cold, pressure, density, dirt, etc. making them ideal for use as superhero costumes.


Unstable Molecules are configuration of unknown atomic nuclei and electrons discovered or synthesized by Reed Richards, which is responsive to certain energized matter around it. Used in the making of clothing for the Fantastic Four and certain other superhuman beings, unstable molecular cloth mimics its wearer's physical properties, allowing it to stretch like Mister Fantastic and burst into flame without burning like the Human Torch.

The third generation of unstable molecules was able to let Spider-Man change his costume's coloring and markings, allowing him to switch between his future foundation outfit and his regular outfit.

The unstable molecules can also be altered to create a unhackable and indestructible data storage unit, such as the Omegadrive.



  • Despite being invented by Reed Richards, Unstable Molecules did appear quite a lot in early Marvel comics, often as a quick science explanation. One of the earliest documented appearances outside the Fantastic Four is in Tales to Astonish #35, published in September of 1962.

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