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A member of the Watcher race of Earth-1610, Uatu witnessed Steven Rogers being administered with the Super-Soldier serum in the 1940s while fully present. It was detained in Project Pegasus for more than 60 years, though it was apparently still able to see the world through the other Watchers. By the modern present, Uatu was "activated", which alerted the facility's overseer Wendel Vaughn to call S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Carol Danvers, who in turn called the Fantastic Four. Uatu communicated through the Invisible Woman to everyone present about the Watchers, the age of heroes, and an impending cataclysm that would befall on Earth. Uatu finally announced that his brethren had chosen a herald to forestall the cataclysm, then disappeared. This herald was revealed to be Rick Jones.

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