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Time Cube

Time Cube from Thor 243 with Zarrko and Servitor
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Time Cube
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The Time Cube was employed by Zarrko to transport himself, his Servitor, Thor, the Warriors Three and Jane Forster through the time stream to the 50th century[1].
When the Time-Twisters departed, causing the destruction of the Earth, Zarrko attempted to escape with his Servitor using the Time Cube[2].
Derek also managed to sneak unnoticed inside the Time Cube and avoid the destruction of his world. Materializing after the apocalypse, Zarrko, Thor and friends decided to travel forward in time to try and stop the Time Twisters before they begin, so Zarrko piloted the Time Cube to the end of time. While hurtling onward, the Time Cube was buffeted by unknown forces, but Thor and the Servitor managed to sustain its bulkhead. After the origin of the Time-Twisters was terminated, the Time Cube was eventually used again by Zarko to turn back to the 50th Century[3]. Time Cube from Thor 243


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Time Cube from Thor 440
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