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God of Death

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Skull face
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An Olympian, an extra-dimensional race worshiped as gods and goddesses by the people of Ancient Greece and the Roman
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Thanatos is a Ancient Minor Greek God and embodiment of Death.God of death of the Olympian pantheon, Thanatos appears to people who are about to die and takes their souls into the underworld. He manifested himself in the midst of the battle between the Olympus group led by Hera, and the New and Mighty Avengers, led by Athena and Hercules, announcing that one of the combatants is going to die.

Thanatos waited still until the end of the battle, and then finally it looked like it was revealed who was it that he came to collect, none other than Athena Parthenos, killed by Delphyne Gorgon. However, Athena was revived shortly thereafter, when Zeus and Hera were killed by Typhon, passing the divine thunderbolt down to Athena

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