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Terrigen Mists
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Mists of Terrigen,[1][2][3] "a DNA-altering drug",[3] Terrigan Mists[4] Terragin Mists[5]
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Terrigen Mist is a mutagenic, or mutation-causing, substance arising as a vapor from the Terrigen Crystals, which are able to alter Inhuman biology. It was discovered by an Inhuman geneticist named Randac.[1][6]

When Terrigen Crystals are exposed to water at the correct temperature, they react to produce the Terrigen Mist vapor. These mists are pumped into flux chambers during the process of "Terrigenesis".[1]

Recently, the mists have been used to restore the abilities of most depowered mutants. However, the process is only temporary and often hazardous as the mutations are not only restored, but enhanced to such a degree that the mutants are overwhelmed by them.


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