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Quote1 You sniveling fool! After tonight, I... and the others like me... shall be the law! First, this land shall be mine... and then, the world! Quote2
-- Von Kimmer

Appearing in "Hoorah For the Conquering Hero!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Hoorah For the Conquering Hero!"Edit

Returning to America following his battle against the Titanium Man, Iron Man begins to worry over the fate of his bodyguard Happy Hogan who was critically injured in that battle and is recovering in hospital.

Meanwhile, Countess Stephanie De La Spiroza wants revenge on Tony Stark for being spurrned and hires the Mad Thinker in order to do so. Additionally, Senator Harrington Byrd has asked Tony Stark to reveal the secrets of Iron Man's armor to the US Senate for reasons of national security.

Before answering this call, Stark is kidnapped by the Thinkers Awesome Android, and taken to the Thinkers lair. There he learns who is behind his kidnapping and the Thinker attempts to take the secrets of Stark's armor for himself. Managing to break away and change into Iron Man, Tony manages to defeat the Awesome Android and the Mad Thinker and turn them over to the authorities. He then leaves the Countess to walk home by herself as punishment.

Later, back at Stark Industries, back in his civilian guise, Tony is informed by Pepper that the hospital called to tell them something happen to Happy, but wouldn't divulge the information, Tony instead acts cold in order to further push Pepper away.

Appearing in "The Sleeper Shall Awake!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Sleeper Shall Awake!"Edit

Captain America has just finished telling his fellow Avengers (Quicksilver, Hawkeye, and the Scarlet Witch) of his World War 2 adventure in Greymoore Castle, tieing up all the loose ends of that tale for them before retiring for the night.

That evening, Cap's memories drift back to World War 2 and to his final battle against the Red Skull where the Skull had supposedly died in an cave in of his secret bunker, but not before warning Cap about "Der Tag" (German for "the day"): A date 20 years after the wars end where three Nazi sleeper agents would be awaken to start the Third Reicht once more.

Realizing that he thought of this because this date is actually coming to pass, Cap recalls a metal box he took from the Red Skull during that battle. Recovering it, he finds inside a list naming the three Nazi sleeper agents.

In Gortmund, where the first of these sleepers are supposed to be, Von Kimmer has hired men to release the first of three Sleeper robots from an artificial boulder covering a hole in the hill. After the rush of air activates the Sleeper, it begins smashing it's way across the Bavarian country side. Captain America arrives just in time to see the robot smash through a village.

Attempting to stop the giant robot, Cap soon finds his weapons and skill have no effect on the giant robot. Cap ends up following the robot, while elsewhere in the town of Telbeck, the second agent, Erica Wolfmann, is arranging to have the second Sleeper robot reactivated. This story is continued next issue...


  • This issue contains a letters page, Mails of Suspense. Letters are published from Donn McPherson, Henry Gross, Nathan Zimmerman, George Hagenauer, and Joey Smoroso.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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