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Quote1 A.I.M. is not a mere business organization... not a political union... but rather a society of the greatest intellects on earth!! Our purpose is simple... we wish to benefit mankind! Quote2
-- Count Bornag Royale, presenting AIM to US officials

Appearing in "When the Unliving Strike"Edit

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  • A swamp


Synopsis for "When the Unliving Strike"Edit

Using a huge "swamp buggy", Fury & his men have tracked the "THEM" vehicle to a "murky, insect-infested swamp". They ward off an attack by a squad of amphibian androids. Meanwhile, aboard the Heli-Carrier, Count Bornag Royale, the "top representative" of A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics), a "society of the greatest intellects on Earth", is offended by the heavy-handed security treatment he's given by Fury's men. In the underwater lab, the hooded scientists speak of being "geniuses", and being worthy of "THEM". Fury uses a "sonic vibrator" to blast into the base, but is trapped between 2 walls of "electric energy waves". He tells the baddies he's set "pint-sized fission bombs" to blow up the base, causing a stalemate, as the hooded types feel they are "too valuable" to "THEM" to sacrifice themselves. But a group of "hammer-hand androids" have gotten loose because of the vibrations, and stampede the evil scientists to death, smashing the electric barrier in the process. Royale tells the SHIELD board of directors he's come to offer them their services and technology, but feels he cannot do so while being answerable to men with such a "lack of intelligence" and "over-inflated ego" as Nick Fury. Fury & his men polish off the androids. Surveying the lab, Fury realizes they're "no penny-ante outfit", and compares them to the Nazis, as well as HYDRA. He also realizes, because of the "geniuses", that he's heard of another group of scientists who create & sell ideas-- Advanced Idea Mechanics!

Appearing in "The End -- At Last!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The End -- At Last!"Edit

Furious of dealing with constant defeat against Dr. Strange, Dormammu begins his most ambitious plot yet: defeating Eternity. Traveling to Eternity's realm, he traps the entity in a mystic barrier before it can awaken. Dr. Strange is then transported from Earth to Eternity's realm to witness Dormammu's moment of triumph. However, Dr. Strange manages to free Eternity.

When Dormammu attempts to fight Eternity, he flies into Eternity's very being and is seemingly destroyed by two planets inside the embodiment of existence crashing together. The resulting chain reaction also apparently destroys Eternity as well, putting Strange in peril as all the mass, stars and planets within the cosmic being errupt and explode all over the realm.

Traveling to the Dark Dimension, Strange is met there by the Ancient One, who informs him that with Dormammu gone, Strange has the power to reverse any of Dormammu's spells. Strange then uses his powers to free those banished by Dormammu, including Clea and even Baron Mordo.

  • Although first appearing back in Strange Tales #126, Clea has remained unnamed until this issue when her name is revealed.
  • The Dr. Strange story in this issue, along with Amazing Spider-Man #38 which was published at the same time, marks the end of Steve Ditko's initial tenure at Marvel Comics, which is possibly why so many sub-plots are resolved (the apparent demise of Dormammu, the "end" of Eternity, the rescue of Clea and Baron Mordo). Also, the final panel which shows Strange almost exiting off the page could be interpreted as a reflection of Ditko's own departure. Although never confirmed by Ditko himself, it has long been rumored that he and Stan Lee had many creative differences, especially with Spider-Man, that led to his leaving. He would eventually return to Marvel in 1979.
  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for more info.[1]

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  1. This issue is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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