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Asgardians; sometimes ally of Loki
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Goddess of Fidelity

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Sigyn is a one of the Asgardians, once worshiped as gods by the ancient Germans and Scandinavians.
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Sigyn was an Asgardian goddess who caught the eye of Loki. Loki asked her to marry him, but Sigyn was already engaged to another god she loved, named Theoric. Loki killed her fiancé and used a spell to take his form. In this disguise, Loki went to the wedding and Odin himself, unsuspecting, married them. When Loki revealed his face, Odin tried to annul the marriage, but Asgardian law forbade even the High Father to do so. Thus, Odin could only exile Loki, but Sigyn, in tears, accepted the marriage and decided to go with him. Impressed, Odin declared Sigyn the Goddess of Fidelity.

Due to their marriage, Sigyn mothered two sons, Narvi and Váli, with Loki, although both of them died young.

Loki was punished because of the murder of Balder: He would be tied to three rocks and a snake would drip poison on his face. Sigyn did not abandon him; she collected the poison in a bowl. However, when the bowl was full, Sigyn had to leave periodically to empty it. During this time, the poison dripped into Loki's eyes, and Loki blamed his wife for that.

After Loki was freed, he abandoned Sigyn.[1] Although they have been estranged for years, recently Sigyn has tried to resume their marriage.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Limited invulnerability

    Strength level

25 tons

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