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Seth was a member of the advanced race known as the Neo. Seth had been planted as a spy at Cape Canaveral, and had wormed his way onto the construction team to repair the High Evolutionary's damaged orbital space station. He had also managed to worm his way into the heart of the X-Man named Shadowcat, sweeping her off her feet with his dashing smile and high intellect.[citation needed]

However, Seth betrayed Shadowcat, attacking her nervous system by causing every neuron in her body to fire in sequence. Seth had sabotaged the station, and planned to take Shadowcat to the Neo's beachhead on Earth, believing her to be one of them.

Shadowcat escaped her restraints and attacked Seth, albeit too late to save the station as it was ripped apart by the sabotage. Seth escaped to Earth in a specially-designed Neo space-suit.

It is unknown what happened to Seth after that but its presumed that he rejoined with the rest of the Neo and moved to Genosha where he presumably died in the destruction of Genosha by Sentinels commanded by Cassandra Nova.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Has peak human strength, speed, endurance, and reflexes, he can generate massive amounts of neurosynaptic energy; that fries the nervous systems of others. Seth also wears biomorphing metal armor.

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