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For the 1984 event called Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars, go here.

Secret Wars
Secret Wars 001
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The final Incursion that affects the Marvel Universe has pitted it against the Ultimate Universe. With no solution for the imminent end, both realities collide and are destroyed, and fragments of it join the remains of other realities to form the new Battleworld.[1]


  • Coming this May 2015.[2]


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Following numerous incursions across the Multiverse the remains of various realities have been fused together to create a new Battleworld. All of these realities are known as domains and except for three have the ability to interact with each other. Only three (consisting of The Deadlands, Perfection, and New Xandar) are separated from the rest by the Wall, simply for the fact that all three contain threats that if loosed would destroy the other domains.

Marvel Comics' official website has given the names of the known areas of this Battleworld with Secret Wars #2 serving as a guide for each one.[3] Among the known areas are:

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