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Ryan Mental Hospital

Ryan Mental Hospital
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Ryan Mental Hospital

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The Ryan Mental Hospital was the last stop for the worst of the worst. After his arrest, the Master of Vengeance was sent to Ryan Mental Hospital where, under the care of Dr. Tarantino, he was drugged into a manageable state. However, Faron eventually managed to fake taking his medication, and after a week, he regained his full power and mental acuity. He faked hanging himself, causing the guards to come rushing into his cell. He then ambushed and killed them, and Tarantino as well[1].


Former Residents

Browning (Earth-616)

Browning (Earth-616)

Mr. Browning

Mr. Browning was an hospital ward killed by the Master of Vengeance[1].

Fagan (Earth-616)

Fagan (Earth-616)

Mr. Fagan

Mr. Fagan was an hospital ward killed by the Master of Vengeance[1].

Tarantino (Earth-616)

Tarantino (Earth-616)

Dr. Tarantino

Dr. Tarantino was the psychiatrist treating Faron at Ryan Mental Hospital. When Faron broke free, he cornered Tarantino, but was going to let him live until he begged for his life, showing a picture of his wife and kids. Angered because his own loss of his family, Faron killed Tarantino, but promised to make it quick[1].


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