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Information-silk Real Name
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Information-silk Aliases
Miss LeBeau[Note 1] and Ms. Marvel while Carol Danvers was in control of her body.
Information-silk Relatives
Raven Darkholme (foster mother)
Kurt Wagner (foster brother)
Graydon Creed, Jr. (foster brother)
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Information-silk Identity
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Former terrorist

Information-silk Gender
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Information-silk Hair
Auburn, (with white streak)
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Comic Book Showcase

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When Rogue was thirteen years old,[1] she put her boyfriend Cody in a coma when her absorbtion powers manifested during her first kiss. After her father rejected her for being a mutant, Rogue ran away from home. She became the adopted daughter of Mystique. Rogue then permanently absorbed the superhuman powers and a copy of the consciousness of the superheroine Ms. Marvel. She began to have "flashes" of the Ms. Marvel persona, causing her to leave the Brotherhood. She then reformed and joined the X-Men.

Rogue spoke in a sassy Southern accent and generally had an attitude of good-humored irreverence. Despite this, she harbored deep, usually hidden feelings of isolation. These feelings of isolation eventually led her to consider taking the mutant "cure" that was really just a ploy by Apocalypse and Mystique to transform mutants into the former's willing soldiers. Rogue eventually decided against taking this "cure" after saving Jean with her powers, deciding that it was she who owned her powers, not the other way around. Rogue also fought with the absorbed Ms. Marvel persona after it began to manifest itself. She had dizzy spells, and had to fight the former superheroine for control of their shared body.

Eventually, Rogue faced Ms. Marvel within her own mind with Jean's assistance. This battle ended with Jean trapping Ms. Marvel within a psychic cage, not removing, but simply quieting her once more with Rogue tearfully telling the other woman that she was sorry. Rogue then promptly rejected her foster mother Mystique, saying "I ain't your daughter Mystique. Not anymore." before flying away with Storm. Rogue also mentioned that what Mystique had done made her "Worse then a killer." Rogue visited Carol in the hospital, telling the nurses her name and saying that they were very close with tears in her eyes. Gambit flirted with her often, and though she felt equally attracted to him, her fear of harming him with her powers caused her to push him away. This did not stop her from taking his last name during a mission to help Samuel Guthrie, calling herself Ms. LeBeau.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Seemingly, those of Rogue (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly, those of Rogue (Earth-616)#Abilities


Power Grid
Fan Ratings
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Fan Level(s) Explanation: [2]



Gloves to prevent her from accidentally taking someone's powers and abilities.





  • In her green and yellow costume with a leather jacket, Rogue is virtually interchangeable with her early 90s comic incarnation.
  • This version of Rogue also appeared in several issues of the X-Men: Adventures and the final issue The Adventures of the X-Men comics, both of which were tie ins for the show.

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  1. X-Men: The Animated Series Season 1 1
  2. These are her levels with her absorption and Ms. Marvel powers. Her powers could possibly be limitless if she absorbed the powers of several beings at once or one extremely powerful being.

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