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Richard Rider (aka Nova, brother; deceased)
Charles Rider (father)
Gloria Rider (mother)
Dr. Ralph Rider (uncle; deceased)
Ellen (aunt)
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Information-silk Base Of Operations
Queens; Formerly Hempstead
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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He only has 9 fingers as of New Warriors #37.
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Robert Rider is Richard Rider aka Nova's younger brother. Robert is a genius and was able to build his own robot as a teenager Sherly although later it was discovered his robot was built due to the manipulations of Doctor Sun. Richard has always been insecure about Robbie being smarter than he is but Robbie has always looked up to his big brother.

At some point Richard confided in his family about his powers. Robbie has usually been more supportive of Richard's role as a hero more so than their parents. Robbie at one point is kidnapped by a street gang called the Poison Memories who have a grudge against the New Warriors. The gang leader Kimeko Ashu chopped off one of Robbie's fingers. Nova felt awful about this and later went to MIT to talk to his brother and ask for his forgiveness. Robbie said there was nothing to forgive and he would gladly give up more fingers if that's what it took for his brother to save lives.

Richard discovered another Nova named Nova 0:0, who had been attempting to fight Nova to get him to be prepared for the death storm, was an alternate reality version of Robbie. On that world Robbie became Nova and watched his world destroyed by the Death Storm. Nova 0:0 dies helping stop the deathstorm in the 616 timeline and Nova buries him.

Later the real Robbie worked at Project Pegasus as a scientist. He was one of the people selected to reconstitute the new Nova Corps and he was given Nova powers. Robert is friends with Darkhawk due to their being co-workers at Project: Pegasus.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


eventually had the powers of a Nova corpsmen.

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