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Information-silk Real Name
Robert Farrell
Information-silk Current Alias
Information-silk Aliases
Robert Johnson[1]
Information-silk Relatives
Unnamed mother;
unnamed six siblings;
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Mercenary; formerly Air Force Janitor
Information-silk Education
Currently a College Student

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Comic Book Showcase

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Robert Farrell was originally a criminal as the Rocket Racer. He snatched a courier's bulging briefcase. Spider-Man couldn't stop him because he was moving too fast on his rocket powered skateboard. However, a car pulled out in front of him suddenly and Spider-Man was able to defeat him and leave him with the police.[1]

Later Spider-Man gave him a break and he took a high school equivalence test which garnered him a perfect score. This test allowed him a special scholarship to Empire State University. At one point he fought another university student called Eddie the Cross who was a white supremacist. During a fight in the Science Laboratories, Rocket Racer fired a rocket at a jar he held above his head filled with Spider-Man's new web formula. Unfortunately this poured all over Eddie and he became the villain named Skinhead.[2]

Later Robert joined the Wild Pack and was involved in the great game.


Shattered Heroes

He later joined the Avengers Academy when they opened their doors to a more larger crew.[3]

When Jeremy Briggs came back to the Avengers Compound to enrol others students and offer them a new way of seeing the world, Robert agree to the proposition, both for the money offered by Briggs (intending to use it to pay the scholarship for his siblings) and because he saw himself more as an engineer than as a hero.[4]

As he wasn't present during Briggs' last fight, his current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Power Grid [5]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills



Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 56
GaastraAdded by Gaastra
The Racers costume is made of synthetic stretch fabric which has been augmented to make it highly resistant to damage.


Rocket Racer uses a jet-powered skateboard with gyroscopic stabilizers, and magnetic boots that keep him attached to the board. The skateboard also adheres to vertical and inverted surfaces. The board is cybernetically controlled via the Rocket Racer's head-set.


Rocket Racer wears gloves that are each capable of firing up to four micro-rockets simultaneously. The gloves also provide him with a rocket-powered punch.

Design and manufacture of Paraphernalia: Robert Farrell and the Tinkerer

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