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Phoenix (son)
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Quote1 There're some some things even we can't stop Sue. They called it "The Ultimatum." We were defined by how we dealt with it. Quote2
-- Reed Richards


Early Years

Since Ben Grimm was transformed into the Thing, Reed Richards has tried tirelessly to transform him back to normal. He one day created a very large machine he dubbed "The Promise", with which he managed to rid Ben of his mutation. However, during the procedure, there was a malfunction that caused others present to lose their abilities as well, including Jean Grey, Cyclops, Captain America and even Reed himself.

Some time after having a child named Franklin, Sue betrayed Reed and abandoned him in the N-Zone

The N-Zone

While trapped in the N-Zone, Reed decided to dawn the costume of Nihil to survive. He was trapped there for many years until a group of heroes from the past entered the N-Zone to free the prisoners of the N-Zone Facility. He revealed himself to the group, who included the Invisible Woman of the past, and told them that the Ultimatum was coming and that Sue herself would be tested and the entire future of her world depended on the decisions she made.

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