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Avengers' Jet
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Wakanda Design Group, headed by the Black Panther
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Quinjet 002

Used primarily by the Avengers for transportation to various locations, the quinjet is first designed by the Wakanda Design Group, headed by Black Panther, T'Challa. Each one is equipped with VTOL capability and turbojet engines. A quinjet can reach Mach 2.1. Two highly specialized ultra-large Quinjets were used to transport various superheros through space during the Infinity Crusade.

A surplus quinjet ("the Champjet") was used by the Champions of Los Angeles during their brief tenure.

When the New Avengers were formed, Iron Man reveals that he has three new-model Quinjets that had been in beta testing when the Avengers disbanded. One was destroyed on their first outing to the Savage Land.

The Dagger

The Stealth/Furtive Quinjet, was a modified Quinjet used by the Midnight Angels in a battle with Doctor Doom.

When Iron Man left the team during the Civil War, he brought his Quinjets with him. They are currently at the disposal of his Mighty Avengers.

Alternate Realities

Mutant X (Earth-1298)

Quinjet (Earth-1298)

In Earth-1298, this Quinjet is the last surviving aircraft of the Sentinel attack on Avengers Mansion. It is used by The Defenders.[1]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)


In this universe, the Quinjet is the regular S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft.[2]

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Earth-8096)


In this universe, the Quinjet is presented by Tony Stark as soon as the Avengers formed, stating that "This is a fully functional hangar with two prototype high-speed aerial shuttles. The Quinjets. Weapons, shields, and an air speed of Mach-8, for those of us who can't fly. But they can go into space too".[3]


  • Similarly, the Quinjet has been modified and updated numerous times over the years. For example, to increase it's speed the Quinjet was once harnessed to Thor's hammer [4]. Captain America also modifed a Quinjet to some unique specifications and referred to it as "Flag Ship One"[5]. Quinjet have also been modified for space and sub-space travel.


  • Quinjets are infamous for being destroyed soon after they appear.

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