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Punisher Battlevan

Information-silk Official Vehicle Name
Punisher Battlevan
Information-silk Dimensions
Height: 184 Weight (unloaded, including fuel): 6,800 lbs (3,084 kg)
First appearance



Methods of Transport: Methods of transport unknown.
Travel Radius: Travel Radius
Maximum Velocity (at Sea Level): Maximum velocity unknown
On-Board Equipment:

  • Constant adjust air-assist suspension.
  • Electronically governed variable transmission, braking and steering.
  • One layer of peel-off body color and license plate.
  • Extra high-efficiency air conditioning system.
  • Computer with capabilities such as intruder detection and suppression, USA road and city maps, audio listening device and sonar ranging of outside objects.

On-Board Weaponry:

  • Electric 4 barrel mini-gun with 20,000 rounds of .223 caliber ammo.
  • 40 mm grenade luncher with a 110 shell ammo box.
  • 4 compressed air driven machine guns, each one with 400 rounds of .25 caliber rubber bullets.
  • Bi-modal delivery system in stream of gas, tear gas, and white fog.
  • Robotic arm located in the back, with a reach of approximately 11 feet.


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