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Powers Lost
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Jessica Vale had the ability of short-term precognition, usually minutes in advance. Preview was a member of the Paragons Squad at the Academy. Preview proved to be difficult to the Paragons because she chose to not participate when she knew the outcome of certain actions, such as the Paragons' failure in a school wide competition.

Preview was among the students who lost their powers as the result of M-Day. Jessie's sister Sarah was killed during William Stryker's ambushed assault on the bus carrying depowered students.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Jessica Vale is a depowered mutant, she was formerly gifted with:

  • Flash Precognation:: Short-term precognition powers, minutes in advance.


Jessie's yearbook photo.
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  • In the New X-Men Academy X Yearbook Special Preview was voted "Biggest Drama Queen".

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  1. Implied in New X-Men Vol 2 #32, where Jessie's name is not listed among the deceased students on a memorial held for the departed. Chris Yost later confirmed that Preview was not on the bus.

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