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Predator X (Earth-616)
Information-silkReal NameUnknown
Information-silkCurrent AliasPredator X
Information-silkAffiliationCreated by the Facility for the Purifiers
Used by: Hydra & Viper; Lobe's team
Information-silkBase Of OperationsMobile
Information-silkIdentitySecret Identity
Information-silkMarital StatusSingle
Information-silkHeight7' 4"
Information-silkWeight1015 lbs (460 kg)
Information-silkHairNo Hair
Information-silkOrigin"Animal-Mutant amalgamation"[1]; Using Mercury's mutant skin.
Information-silkPlace of BirthFacility R&D Labs, Canada
Information-silkCreatorsCraig Kyle, Chris Yost, Paco Medina
First Appearance
New X-Men Vol 2 #34
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William Stryker, before dying, had requested a living weapon, a huge beast called the "Predator X". To create it, the Facility needed Mercury (Cessily Kincaid)'s metal skin to give him more durability and powers. Tests were operated on the mutant Maximus Jensen, aka Mammomax, who was killed by the Predator X.[citation needed]

When Cessily decided to take X-23 (Laura Kinney) to Salem Center for coffee to cool Laura down after learning of Emma Frost's plan to have X-23 leave the school, Facility agents led by the Weapon Plus program, including X-23's former handler, Kimura came and abducted Cessily, leaving Laura behind. Gruesome experiments partially stripped the girl of the needed bio-metal, granting the beast her powers and leaving her in extreme pain. The experiments left her physically and mentally traumatized, and she went into recovery at the Institute. Predator X was, presumably, then covered in a flexible metallic skin.[citation needed]

The Purifiers began tracking down the creature, in hopes of using it as a weapon against their mutant enemies and William Stryker's predicted "Anti-Christ" in particular. It killed and ate a rodent-like American mutant, whose remains were left behind.[citation needed]

They later used a burqa that had been worn by Dust (and X-23) to make the Predator X track down Sooraya.[1]

Messiah Complex

The Predator X arrived in Cooperstown, Alaska looking for the first baby with a X-Gene since the M-Day, pausing to feast upon the bodies of Blockbuster[2] and Prism.[3] Predator X continued its search, devouring an unnamed fire-breathing mutant in the Canadian Rockies.[4]

He was killed by Deadpool, blow from the inside by the Merc with a Mouth when he finally managed to find Cable and the baby, and his corpse was used as a diversion against a Sentinel.[5]

An other Predator X was in chase for the baby too, having himself killed several mutants including Peepers[6] in New York.[7]

He stop his track of the baby and prefers to made its way to the X-Mansion.[8] Upon arrival, it dug up the graves of dead mutants from the bus attack caused by the Purifiers and began consuming those bodies. Dust, Mercury and Rockslide came across Predator X when Dust went to pay her respects to the dead.

After a brief fight with Rockslide, it headed toward the mansion and came across Trance, Indra and Wolf Cub. Surge jumped in to protect them and instructed any students to head to the infirmary. In pursuit of the wounded mutant Nightcrawler and Hellion, Predator X managed to get past Surge and attack the infirmary, although Gentle and Armor attempted to stop it. Pixie mentioned that X-23 once killed a Predator X and teleported the New X-Men, Beast and the injured mutants to Muir Island. Upon entering the infirmary, Predator X killed and ate Vertigo and immediately tried to attack Cable, the baby and Bishop. Bishop attacked the creature when it got between him and the baby, and Predator X ripped off and swallowed his right arm. X-Force arrived, and in the ensuing battle, Wolverine destroyed Predator X by letting it swallow him and tearing his way out of the Predator's stomach.

Yet, another Predator X has appeared[9]. It remains to be seen how many creatures exist.

Nation X

Later, the business-man Lobe, CEO of Sublime Corporation, obtains somehow six Predator X, but one of them, X003, managed to escaped in New York City's sewers.[10]

He had those creature cybernetically enhanced and stuffed with nanites who could records the powers, abilities, tactical and martial moves, and also genetic data on the mutant genome, and then forced Scalphunter to send them on Utopia.

X001 was killed by Cyclops' blast on the plane, 002 was stopped by Namor and his Elite Atlanteans soldiers, X004 and X005 were destroyed by two distinct groups of X-Men: One by Magneto, Northstar, Iceman, Colossus and finally killed by a Boom-Boom bomb, the other by the precedents (except for Magneto, exhausted after his effort), Cyclops, Wolverine, Madison Jeffries, Storm, Dazzler, Warpath, and finally killed by Scalphunter. X006 was shattered by Rogue, using the powers of the following Young/New X-Men: Rockslide, Gentle, Armor, Mercury, Surge, Dust and Anole.

The X003 was seen later, having killed the homeless former acolyte Gargouille and her friend in New York sewers.[11]


Other Predators X were later witnessed.[12]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The Predator X are dependent on mutant DNA, with an insatiable craving for mutant blood, bone, muscle and flesh. It craved its next meal even while finishing its current fare. The more it ate, the hungrier it got. Its genetics were left intentionally incomplete; its DNA strand evolved with every meal, allowing it to form defensive attributes against powers similar to its victim's.

When Predator X came into contact with mutant blood, a psychic connection was formed between Predator X and the mutant, allowing Predator X to see flashes of their recent memories. These visions helped Predator X find its next meal, tracking down the people and places seen in those memories. While it possessed heightened senses, its engineered mutant tracking ability far exceeded its more natural skills.

Predator X's bones and muscles had enhanced flexibility, while its skin was liquid metal, affording it enhanced durability and rapid healing of wounds. Its jaws were large enough to swallow a man whole, while its teeth were sharp enough to cut a man in two with a single bite. Predator X was evolving into the ultimate organic sentinel, growing stronger and more deadly with every mutant it devoured.

Power Grid [13]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


Able to locate Mutants with his smell

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