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Madeline Watson (Ex-wife -deceased), Mary Jane Watson (daughter), Gayle Watson-Byrnes (daughter), Tommy Byrnes (Grandson), Kevin Byrnes (Grandson), Anna Watson (sister), Spencer Watson (brother), Timmy Byrnes (Ex-son in law), Peter Parker (Son in law).
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Former college professor

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Comic Book Showcase

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Is Mary Jane's father. He married his wife Madeline after college and went on to have two daughters, Gayle and Mary Jane. He was a college professor but also wanted to be a writer. He never had the skill to be a writer and often took his rages on his wife and daughters. He kept moving from one job to the other to search for inspiration for writing but never succeeded. Still verbally abusive to his family, he even went so far as to smack Gayle in the face over the costs of her dancing lessons. This was the final straw for Madeline and she left him and took her daughters with her. He sued her for desertion and eventually severed all ties with them.

Many years later he got in touch with Gayle (now a single mom to two boys) and asked her to steal a manuscript of a novel for him but she was caught and arrested. When Mary Jane came to help, he asked her to do the same thing for him. She succeeded and got him the manuscript, and he told her about his part in Gayle's arrest, which was heard by a police detective and he was lead away in handcuffs.

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A fiery temper

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