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Virgil Potts (father), Unnamed mother
Information-silk Affiliation
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Student, superhero
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High-school education

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Freckles on her cheeks
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Comic Book Showcase

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Patricia Potts (Earth-TRN128)2
RaceLordAdded by RaceLord
Patricia "Pepper" Potts goes to Tomorrow Academy high school where Tony, Rhodey, and other friends study there. She is eager and temperamental, and utterly fascinated with criminal investigation, as her father is an FBI agent.

She talks very fast, sometimes before she has the time to think - and her friends frequently find their phones filled with hundreds of text messages from her. She dreams of one day becoming an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., especially for the jet packs.

Inspired to have an armor of her own, she asked Tony to build her a suit, which Tony delayed in making due to other problems he had to handle.

Tony finally built her a new armor in her birthday, codenamed Rescue, which she used to help Tony and Rhodey fight various enemies they encountered.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


None. Relies on the armor.


Pepper is skilled with a computer, and is often able to use her dad's access to the FBI database to help Tony with valuable intel on his enemies - she seems able to do so even if her dad does everything he can to change his passwords.

Strength level

Can tackle and take down other opponents.


Her talkative personality.



Stark Solutions X-51 Stealth Infiltrator Armor


Various vehicles.


Repulsor weapons systems and plasma grenades.


  • This is the first appearance of Pepper as Rescue outside of the comics.
  • This Pepper Potts is unique as her first name is Patricia instead of Virginia. Instead, her father is named Virgil as a reference to her Earth-616 counterpart.
  • Voiced by Anna Cummer.

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