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unnamed mother;

unnamed father;

N'Baku (maternal half-brother);
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Attending the Xavier School

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Vibranium tattoos all over his body
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Prior to M-Day, he was part of Storm's unseen squad. He kept his powers in the wake of Decimation and thus currently still resides at the Xavier Institute.

When it was being determined who would become a member of the new team of X-Men trainees, Emma Frost told him to step out from a sparring match most likely because of his mutant powers would eventually kill him.

Nezhno is from Wakanda, and he was the only student allowed to attend the wedding of Storm and the Black Panther.

Quest for Magik

Nezhno was among the students who are listening to Blindfold's story about Magik, Belasco, and Limbo. He, with the other students were transported to Limbo. It is reveled that Nezhno's code-name is Gentle and he has the ability to temporarily increase the mass of his muscles. He was able to protect Pixie and defeat N'astirth before passing out, claiming he could not protect her anymore.

Messiah Complex

During his return to the school after Limbo, Nezhno went into a deep meditative state to calm himself and to pray about his "violence" in defense of his friends. It was at this point that he revealed that his power was a dangerous one, and that it would eventually take his life. He also retained his calm while fellow student Pixie, whom he had saved in Limbo, showed obvious interest in him.

This was nothing more, however, than a calm before the storm because soon he was thrust head first into a life changing battle when the O*N*E Sentinel went rogue and attempted to not only destroy the Xavier Institute but to kill him and his fellow students. Springing into action Nezhno used his power like never before and increased his muscle mass, height, and weight to dangerous degrees. Despite the heath risks and being told to stay put by headmaster Cyclops, he jumped into the fray and may have saved many lives by his intervention. Despite knowing that his life may be forfeit he did his best to halt the sentinels and was apparently neutralized by one and lay depowered and unconscious on the battlefield.

Nezhno proved himself quite durable however and was not seen in the infirmary with the sick and injured but turned up in defense of his sick friends when Predator X attacked the school looking for an easy meal. Nezhno and Armor use a combination of their powers to hold of the beast while Pixie teleports them to what remains of Muir Island. Once there they continue their fight with the monster.

Divided We Stand

Learning of the choices that Cyclops made for the new members of the Young X-Men, Nezhno decided to head back to his homeland, Wakanda for some down time. He was relieved to be free of the pestering of his former classmates, saying that they "nearly destroyed [him] with their insanity". During his return however, he found himself ostracized not only by his fellow Wakandans, but also by his own mother - due to the fact that his biological father was Russian. If he was born to Wakandan blood, his mutant abilities would have been forgiven. But because his father was an outsider, so was Nezhno. He then reflected that the only people who accepted him were the New X-Men, and he regretted having pushed them away.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Nezhno uses his mutant powers
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Nezhno Abidemi (Earth-616) 018
Nezhno's vibranium tattoos
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Extreme Strength: Nezhno's powers have been revealed in the most recent issue of New X-Men as "Extreme strength". It was recently revealed however, that his power is the ability to temporarily increase the muscle mass of his body to impossible levels. He cannot sustain this form for long however, as it causes massive strain on his body. His tattoos are made of vibranium and are there to control his power, but every time he uses his power he gets a little stronger, and soon the vibranium will fail, Nezhno's body will not be able to contain its own power, and Nezhno will die. If vibranium, one of the strongest metals in the Marvel Universe is not enough to contain his strength, Nezhno is one of the strongest characters in all of Marvel universe.

Strength level

Extreme. Possibly Class 100+


  • Nezhno is the last-revealed of 27 remaining students.
  • Nezhno's position as a member of Storm's former squad was revealed by his creators.
  • His name is a Russian word meaning "tenderly".
  • His surname is a Yoruba word meaning "born during father's absence".
  • He is the first X-Men member to come from a country that only exists within the Marvel Universe.


  • Nezhno was originally planned to be killed off by writers Chris Yost and Craig Kyle, but they were not allowed to.[1]

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