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Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men, became increasingly worried after losing several students. The first Thunderbird died on his second mission, and Phoenix had committed suicide. In an attack by the Brood, Xavier believed that all of his X-Men perished. He vowed not to put any more young mutants in danger, but his friend Moira MacTaggert convinced him to form a new team of adolescent mutants. This time, he would only train them in the use of their special powers, and not send them out into combat.

New Mutants Vol 3 1 Textless

The Original New Mutants

Xavier was unaware that when the X-Men originally fought the Brood in deep space, the Brood had secretly infected him with a Brood queen embryo. Under the influence of the Brood queen, Professor X began admitting teenage mutants to his school of gifted students, thus forming the New Mutants.

Xavier recruited five youngsters while protecting them from attacks by Donald Pierce. Karma (Xi'an Coy Manh, Vietnamese girl able to mentally possess others), Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair, Scottish girl with the ability to shift into a lupine form), Mirage (Danielle Moonstar, Native American girl able to create illusions based on others greatest fears or wishes), Sunspot (Robert da Costa, Brazilian boy who gained strength due to solar energy), and Cannonball (Samuel Guthrie, American boy able to rocket through the air while near invincible).

Early Adventures

Xavier and Dani Moonstar were kidnapped by Silver Samurai and Viper. Karma was thought to be missing or dead for a brief period, but had fallen under the control of the Shadow King.

While the New Mutants were on an expedition in the Amazon jungle, they were captured along with Amara Aquilla by soldiers of Nova Roma and imprisoned. Now held prisoner by Selene, Amara was to be sacrificed. Selene used her mutant powers to drain Amara's life energy into her own body. Mirage attacked Selene causing her to release Amara from her control, but Selene knocked Amara into the pit of lava. Somehow, rather than harming Amara, her immersion in the lava awakened her latent mutant powers. Together, Amara, with her new-found powers, and the New Mutants defeated Selene and helped thwart Senator Gallio's attempt to kill Senator Aquilla and seize power. Amara was instructed to go to the United States with the New Mutants and there learn about modern civilization. Amara did so reluctantly and became a member of the New Mutants under the code-name Magma.

The New Mutants were joined by Magik (Illyana Rasputin), a Russian time-space teleporter trained to use magic by Belasco.

The Demon Bear fought the Mirage outside Xavier's mansion and nearly killed her. When the New Mutants then battled the bear Magik used her Soulsword to release Moonstar's parents from the spell they were under, returning them to their human forms. Moonstar was reunited with her parents, and she eventually recovered completely from her injuries, thanks to the Morlock Healer.

One night when the New Mutants were alone in the mansion, the techno-organic alien Warlock arrived and battled the New Mutants in the confusion that erupted. The mutants asked Doug Ramsey for help in communicating with the alien, and revealed their secrets to him. Doug succeeded in talking with Warlock, and both the alien and Ramsey soon joined the team. Ramsey chose the codename Cypher, as his mutant ability allowed him to decipher codes and languages. Warlock and Cypher shared a close bond, often sticking close together in battle.

Shortly afterwards, Xavier was called to Muir Island, where he met Gabrielle Haller again. The woman had asked Moira MacTaggert for help regarding her mutant son, David, who was suffering from multiple personality disorder, only Moira was in over her head.

Xavier and several New Mutants became trapped in the mind of Xavier's autistic mutant son David Haller. Xavier and the others had to deal with David's other personalities before reaching David’s core and returning back to reality.

Near the conclusion of second Secret War, the Beyonder erased the New Mutants from history. After they were restored, they had to relearn the use of their powers. Xavier asked Magneto to help lead the X-Men against the beyonder. After the initial battle, Magneto chose to stay at the school, wanting to redeem himself.

During Magneto's trial at the International Court, Fenris attacked seeking revenge on Xavier and Magneto for their father’s earlier defeat by them. Xavier was injured and went into space with Lilandra to recover. He made Magneto promise to take over the school as headmaster and continue teaching the New Mutants in his name. Magneto agreed.

Headmaster Magneto

During a mission to return their teammate Bird Brain to his home island, the villainous Ani-Mator captured the New Mutants, but thanks to the friendship made with Bird Brain, the humanoid animals that the Ani-Mator had made, came to their rescue. During the battle, Doug wanted to help their friends but felt that his powers could not help, and if he tried to fight with his hands, he would get in the way. But when the Ani-Mator aimed a gun at Wolfsbane while she was fighting a Smile-Face, Doug couldn't stand still and hurled into the way, and was shot to death by the Ani-Mator.

Sy'm used Magik during Inferno, forcing her to use spells that would weaken the dimensional barriers and transform her into the demonic Darkchylde. She found a way to stop Inferno, although she knew it risked her no longer existing. Colossus found a badly damaged armor, but Illyana was still alive inside. Opening it, he found Illyana had returned to her natural age. Her Souldsword magically came into Shadowcat's possession, eventually ending up resting in a rock outside of Excalibur's lighthouse headquarters.

Doug's death and Illyana's sacrifice have drove Magneto far away from his students as he blamed himself for his death as well as homo sapiens. The New Mutants were left without a headquarters of their own and lived temporarily at X-Factor's. Tabitha Smith, Rictor, Rusty Collins and Skids joined the team when the X-Terminators and the New Mutants merged.

When Hela attempted to take over Asgard, Dani and the other Valkyrior were infected with a mystical fever. Hela planned to use Moonstar to gather humans to her forces to defeat Thor. Transported back to Asgard, Moonstar fell under the sway of Hela and nearly killed Odin. Hela was defeated by the combined forces of the New Mutants and the Asgardians, and the New Mutants were returned to Earth; all except Moonstar who chose to stay behind, hoping to repair the damage as a Valkyrie.

Cable and X-Force

Cable took command of the New Mutants to guide Cannonball's ascension into the Externals.

The New Mutants were captured by the X-Men's enemy Cameron Hodge and taken to the island of Genosha, a mutant-repressive nation with advanced anti-mutant technology. Hodge had developed a cybernetic body and attempted to siphon off Warlock's shape-shifting power so he could change his robotic body at will. Hodge was confronted by the combined might of the X-Men and New Mutants, while Warlock was still imprisoned. Although Hodge's plan was thwarted by the New Mutant Wolfsbane, Warlock appeared to have died, his energies leeched from him, reducing him to ashes. Later, Warlock's ashes were scattered over the grave of Doug Ramsey.

When Sunspot's father died (killed by the External Gideon), Bobby went with Gideon, who was an old friend, to take over his father's business. Gideon, however, was looking for the next External, mistakenly thinking that it was Sunspot. With the addition of Feral, Shatterstar, and Warparth, the team reorganized into the original X-Force under Cable. The name "New Mutants" was later used by the New Mutants Training Squad.

New Mutants Reunited

After years of each New Mutant doing his own thing, X-Men leader Cyclops gave Cannonball permission to assemble his team again.

While on a mission to investigate a possible mutant case in Westcliffe, Colorado, Karma and Moonstar disappeared prompting the rest of the New Mutants team to investigate. After finding a lead pointing to a little girl the group found a catatonic Karma and a concrete box that held the mutant Legion. The personalities in Legion's body wanted to kill Dani because she could help Legion get them under control. Legion located Dani in a jail cell and was about to kill her when Sam stopped him. Dani told Sam to let her out but Sam refused, saying she'll be safer in the cell since she didn't have her powers anymore. Sam and Roberto went off to fight Legion leaving Dani behind. Unbeknownst to them, one of Legion's personalities had the ability to project himself and was stalling them while he prepared to kill Dani but was stopped by Magik and Magma. They freed Dani as Legion retreated, Sam apologized but got punched in the face by an angry Dani. When asked where she was going Dani replied "to make myself useful"; she returned brandishing numerous firearms and told the others that they're going after Legion.[1] However Sam told Dani to go, she wasn't a mutant anymore and to stop pretending she was because one of the most powerful mutants on earth wanted her dead. Dani, upset got into a van and drove away only to turn back minutes later after her teammates were badly beaten, running over Legion. After a brief battle with him, Magik managed to regain control of his body. Sam tried to apologize but Dani limped away, ignoring him.[2]

Later, when the X-Men established their new base on Utopia, they and the New Mutants battled the forces of Norman Osborn. To defeat the god Ares, who was a member of Osborn's Dark Avengers, Dani went to Las Vegas where she made a deal with Hela to get her Valkyrie powers back.[3][4] When her powers returned, she won against Ares and the team decided to live on Utopia[5]

Cyclops asked Dani to resume her previous teaching position with the X-Men. Dani was more interested in joining Sam's team, but was informed by Cyclops that Sam had submitted a request for a permanent roster and didn't include Dani. Dani challenged Sam to a duel in the Danger Room and the two came to an understanding during their fight. Sam allowed Dani to rejoin his team and vowed to treat her as an equal.[6]


Later, the witch Selene used the Transmode Virus to resurect all of the mutants who had died before and after M-Day. Cypher was one these mutants. Selene controlled Cypher with the Virus and ordered him to kill Magma. At the same time, Warlock went to Doug Ramsey's grave to find it had been dug up and his body missing. When the New Mutants saw Doug, they were happy at first. They didn’t know Selene was controlling him, but he attacked them and nearly killed Amara. Karma later took control of the other New Mutants so she could defeat Doug. Warlock arrived at Utopia and, not understanding the situation, defended his friend. He was contaminated by the Transmode Virus and Cypher decapited him. During the battle, the New Mutants were attacked by the Hellions that Selene had also resurrected. Warlock repaired himself and then he was saved from the Virus by the Cloak of Magik. He then registered the anti-virus in his body and used him to cure Cypher so they could defeat the Hellions together. During the Siege of Asgard, Hela summons and calls Dani in her favor: to gather the spirits of the Asgardians that fell in battle with Norman Osborn's forces. Dani accepts to do it.

Second Coming

When the Mutant Messiah is back from the future with Cable, the New Mutants have to fight against Cameron Hodge and The Right. During the battle, Karma is seriously injured by Cameron. Also Cypher try to tell Warlock than the only way to get out of the Right’s base safe is to forget his vow of not killing human lifes, saying "Either you do this thing, or else it’s all over. And we’ve failled. And every single one of us dies." Cypher convinces Warlock, who kills Cameron Hodge and the Right’s members to save the New Mutants. After the battle, Madison Jeffries is forced to amputate Karma’s left leg because of her injury.

On another mission, Illyana, who was with another team of X-Men, is sent to Limbo. With a team who featured no other New Mutants, Sam goes in Limbo and brings back Illyana. Dani later confronts Cable, telling him that he is putting every other mutant in danger by bringing Hope here, and she and Hope have a fight.

Cypher is later recruited by X-Force to go into the future with them and destroy the mastermind system. When Cypher melds with the mastermind system and overtakes it, all the Nimrods who were attacking Utopia are deactivated.

"Fall of the New Mutants" & "Rise of the New Mutants"

Unfinished Business

Fear Itself

When Hel is attacked by the Draumar, a group of ancient powerful demons that could devour and destroy souls took over Hel and seemingly killed Hela, Dani Moonstar was recruited by a raven, which actually housed Hela's soul, to rescue the queen of the dead and help her reclaim her domain.

The other New Mutants realised that Dani had gone missing and went to visit Illyana in her cell to request her help. Though she refused as she was imprisoned she informed them of Dani's whereabouts and gave them the means, namely an old and complicated teleportation spell, to travel to Hel and rescue their teammate.

Unfortunately Doug accidentally mistranslated the spell due to the words themselves appearing to be alive and transported them to Hell as apposed to Hel.[7] Mephisto promised to transport them to their required destination on one condition, a date with Amara. After strong disapproval from her teammates Amara agreed and they were transported to Hel by Mephisto.[8]

After reuniting with Dani and returning Hela's soul to her, resurrecting her in the process, Hela granted the New Mutants a portion of her power in order to hold off the Draumar while she formulated a plan to deal with them permanently.

The Draumar appeared to have an aversion to Warlock and being unable to destroy him due to his being unfamiliar extraterrestrial technology that they could not understand, causing them to disintegrate on contact with him. Nate realised this and concluded that due to his dimension hopping he would be of a more drastic effect on them stating that he had witnessed such culture shock before as two universes came into contact and one destroyed the other. He asked Hela to show the monsters his life history and she complied, this provided the desired effect and the demons were vaporized on the spot.

With her realm once again under her control Hela thanked the New Mutants and transported them back home safely.[9]


After the event of Schism, the X-Men are separated in two teams, one lead by Cyclops and the other by Wolverine. The New Mutants choose to continue to work with Cyclops, however instead of living on Utopia with the other X-Men the New Mutants decided to find an apartment together in San Fransisco in an attempt to have a more normal existence.[10]


The group were contacted by Cyclops and tasked with finding Blink and returning her home safely. After finding the wayward mutant they discovered that she had been travelling the world saving people as an act of penance for the crimes she had committed while working for Selene, actions which she blamed herself for even though she was acting under Selene's influence.

Blink has been tracking down the source of several natural disasters that have been happening recently. She informs the New Mutants that she has been tracking the heavy metal band Diskhord as they seem to be causing the events during their performances, putting many people at risk in the process.[11]

Doug discovers that the band have come into (and under) the possession of a sentient inter-universal space craft that has been badly damaged and is accumulating chaos energy with which to send out a distress call to its other fragments so that it can rebuild itself, however he is kidnapped by the band after they manage to escape from the New Mutants.

The group find Doug after he reactivates his communicator and broadcasts a message to the group so they can rescue him. As group try to deal with the destruction being wrought by Diskhords latest performance and save as many people as possible, Amara uses her powers to hold back the earthquake the band are trying to unleash in an attempt to sink Chicago in order to accumulate enough chaos energy, of which she is successful after much strain and encouragement from Bobby.

The ordeal is finally ended when Blink teleports herself and the part of the alien craft into space, with Warlock acting as a makeshift rocket to protect her, and the pair of them launch the object into space, severing its control over Diskhord who have no memory of the recent events.

Dani contacts Cyclops and informs her that she gave Blink a choice, to join the New Mutants or to travel to Westchester with Wolverine, of which she chooses the latter. Dani apologizes to Cyclops, believing she has disappointed him, however he tells her he is proud of her for making a sensible decision based on what Blink thought was best.[12]

Amara later follows through with her deal to going on a date with Mephisto, much to the displeasure of the other New Mutants. While initially overwhelmed Amara discovers that Mephisto was indeed only interested in a date and had no intention of trying to double-cross her. The date ended with Amara and her team left unscathed, Amara even admitted to enjoying herself and agreeing to see Mephisto again if he wanted.[13]

"Fear the Future" & "Fight the Future"

Avengers vs. X-Men

During the war between the Avengers and the X-Men, the New Mutants are on the X-Men's side at first. When the five X-Men Cyclops, Colossus, Namor, Magik and Emma Frost are possessed by the Phoenix Force, Emma reads the minds of the former and current New Mutants, she sees that all of them trust her and the other X-Men possessed by the Phoenix, with the only exception being Cannonball. At the end of the war, when Cyclops has taken control of all the power of the Phoenix and kills Professor X, the New Mutants and the X-Men join forces with the Avengers to fight against him, the Phoenix is then taken from him by Hope Summers and killed with help from Scarlet Witch.

Post-Avengers vs. X-Men

After the war, the New Mutants are disbanded, with Cannonball and Sunspot having joined the Avengers, Dani Moonstar becoming a member of the Valkyrior of Midgard (a team of heroes who is an all-female version of the Defenders) and Cypher and Warlock joining Polaris’s new X-Factor.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: X-Men Blackbird, interdimensional teleportation using Magik's powers, flight using Warlock's aircraft form.
Weapons: None known.


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