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Murderworld is the fairground-style deathtrap used by the assassin Arcade to kill his victims using its sophisticated robotic and holographic systems. Arcade has often pitted superheroes against Murderworld, mostly for the challenge.

Among those Arcade has attempted to kill using Murderworld are Spider-Man, Captain Britain, Excalibur, and the X-Men.

There have apparently been Murderworlds in several different locations around the world.

Arcade commonly captured his victims using a converted garbage truck that sucked in the target with an extending section on its back.

The Initiative

One of Arcade's Murderworld in New York was used as headquarters by the New Warriors after being abandoned. It was turned by Night Trasher, Kaz and Grace as a new Danger Room for his new New Warriors composed of depowered mutants.

Divided We Stand

A Murderworld was created in Mutant Town, on the former Purifier Taylor's demand, to avenge him from X-Factor who had made him rejected from the Purifiers (cause he had enrolled Julio Richter who was a mutant spy). This Murderworld led to the destruction of Mutant Town.

Avengers Arena

The new Murderworld
UndonielAdded by Undoniel

Later, Arcade built a massive island as a Murderworld in Antartica, with total control of the environment there[1].

He kidnapped teen heroes from various affiliations: the students of the Avengers Academy: Hazmat, Mettle, X-23, Reptil, Juston Seyfert and his Sentinel; the Runaways Nico Minoru and Chase Stein; Darkhawk, Red Raven, Cammi, Becca Ryker and the students of the Braddock Academy: Anachronism, Nara, Apex, Cullen Bloodstone and Kid Briton.

He then ordered them to kill each other in order to survive the Murderworld.


New Warriors's base (formerly)

On Murderworld island


Alternate realities

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (Earth-6109)

In this reality, the heroes used the Orb of Teleportation of Doctor Strange to go Castle Doom, but Baron Mordo divert their teleportation to Murderworld and the heroes defeat Arcade to leave that place.

X-Men: Evolution (Earth-11052)

In this reality, Webber Torque, aka Arcade, managed to infiltrate inside the Xavier Institute and turn the Danger Room in a Murderworld, believing it was a game simulation.

Age of X (Earth-11326)

Alcatraz Island (Earth-11326)
Arcade's mutant prison
GipdacAdded by Gipdac

Alcatraz Island was a prison for dangerous mutants. Governor Harcourt Teesdale (AKA Arcade) served as the director-governor. He created mutant-themed attractions to tortures and punish prisoners, which earned Alcatraz the nickname "Murderworld". A mutant named the Basilisk was used as an unwilling executioner for years until we was able to escaped, murder Arcade, and free the mutants imprisoned there.[2]


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