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A Microverse is a dimension that can be reached from the Earth dimension by compressing one's own mass to a certain point, thereby forcing it through an artificially created nexus into the other universe. The Microverses were once erroneously believed to exist within atoms. The Microverses are described as parallel universes, rather than universes within universes.[1] [2]

The Microverse, the region usually referred to by that name, is a specific realm created by Prince Wayfinder 65 million years ago using the Sword in the Star as a home for his displaced people, time travelers from Earth's far future. It is held together by the Enigma Force and is home to a large number of alien races, most of them uncataloged, including the Acroyears of Spartak and the Insectivorids of Kaliklak. In recent times, much of the Microverse was conquered by the despot Baron Karza, and more recently still the realm was somehow merged with a number of other supposedly 'sub-atomic' universes including Sub-Atomica (the realm of the Psycho-Man) and Tok (which is home to the Lizard Men of Tok). The Microverse is separated from the upper dimensions by the Spacewall, a barrier protected by the Time Travelers, though it was once accessible via the Prometheus Pit, a portal created at the Human Engineering Life Laboratories (HELL) by Professor Prometheus.

Points of Interest

  • Homeworld - Homeworld is a molecular chain planet that is located in the Microverse. After all life on the Homeworld was eventually destroyed by Baron Karza and the sections of the planet later broke up and drifted apart, this ended up causing the "Worldmind" of Homeworld to go mad and almost destroy the Microverse.
  • K'ai - K'ai is inhabited by various green-skinned people and for the most part blonde haired, but otherwise human. The K'ai although outwardly primitive, has remnants of long-forgotten high technology and sorcery.[3]
  • Kaliklak - Kaliklak is inhabited by various insect-like species and is the homeworld of Micronaut member Bug.
  • Spartak - Spartak. was an inhospitable rocky world, home to the Acroyears. Spartak was destroyed when Prince Acroyear used Spartak's Worldmind to destroy Baron Karza. The surviving Acroyears became a race of galactic nomads.
  • Mita - Mita is the home of the Mitans. It was destroyed when Togaro sent Mita into the sun. Although most of the Mitans were evacuated, some of them were killed when their ship crashed on another planet.
  • Paradise III -
  • Sub-Atomica - The world that Psycho-Man is from. It was later merged into the Microverse.
  • Tok - is the home of the Lizard Men of Tok.



  • Homeworld, the home of most of the Micronauts and of Baron Karza, was comprised of several interconnected spheres which appeared to resemble a chain of molecules.
  • It appears that many, if not all, of the worlds of the Microverse are actually semi-sentient, with the 'Worldmind' of each one able in certain circumstances to be channeled by each world's designated leader and manifested as a power source. The Worldmind of Spartak voluntarily allowed itself to be destroyed by Prince Acroyear by allowing him to expend its energies apparently destroying Baron Karza; the planet itself was destroyed as a result.


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