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Melody Guthrie
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Guthrie Farmhouse, Cumberland County, Kentucky; formerly Xavier Institute, Salem Center, New York
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Depowered mutant
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Melody Guthrie (Earth-616) 007
The depowered Melody visits the X-Mansion for Icarus' Death.
AyancilloAdded by Ayancillo

The middle child of ten siblings, Melody Guthrie was the fourth of the Guthrie children to have manifested mutant abilities. Sent to join her kin at the Xavier Institute, Melody ultimately lost her powers with the advent of M-Day.[1] Believing she still had her powers, she jumped off a building, but was saved by Beast in the nick of time.[2]

Since then, she lived at home with her mother, Lucinda, and her other siblings. She was present with her mother when she recieved a call from Emma Frost concerning the death of her brother Josh.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Melody Guthrie (Earth-616) 004
GreekpimpAdded by Greekpimp

Flight (Formerly): Melody produced an aura which grants her the ability to float and ride airwaves. She can fly in currents by having that specific aura. During M-Day, she lost her powers.


  • Although it was clear that there was definitely one more Guthrie sister who was not Paige, Joelle, Elisabeth or one of the female twins, as shown in both in New Mutants (1st series) #42 and Uncanny X-Men Annual ’95, Melody’s name was not revealed until Uncanny X-Men #444-445.
  • Melody might have been present in X-Men (2nd series) #36, holding a teddy bear. In that issue, all the Guthries were blonde, even Joshua and Lucinda.

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