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After the Xavier Institute went public, Cyclops visited the Landru family to invite Matt to attend Xavier's. They declined because Matt wanted to stay at home and attend school locally. At Matt's funeral Cyclops felt distraught for not remembering their first encounter.[1]

Matt Landru was a mutant who kept his powers after M-Day, only to be killed in a car accident. Members of the X-Men, New X-Men and the X-Factor Investigations crew attended his funeral, as well as others, in order to pay their respects to a fallen mutant.[1]

Prompted by her attendance at Matt Landru's funeral, Mercury begins questioning all of Xavier Institute student body to discover who is the youngest mutant alive. She later finds out that excluding Franklin Richards and Tito Bohusk, Indra is the youngest mutant on alive.[2]

It was also Matt's death and discussions with Madrox at the funeral that jump started Beast's further research into restoring former mutants' powers.[3]

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Matt was one of the few mutants to retain his powers after M-Day, but the nature of Matt's powers were never revealed.

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