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Master of Mindfire
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Leader of the Chosen, formerly the X-Men
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Information-silk Occupation
Mutant rebel, would-be messiah

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Solid blue eyes with no visible pupil
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Zhao was the leader of the X-Men during the late 21st centuries Corporate Wars, in a time when large organizations and corporations fought for ruler ship over the United States. Desperation and waning powers spurred him on to create a psycho-active amplifier that increased his strength but taxed his mind, he became so mentally bent he destroyed his own team of the X-Men out of an act of extreme paranoia, believing they were plotting against him. After this he became a hermit.

In the year 2099 Xi'an Chi Xan revived the X-Men mission and gathered a new team, while Zhao formed his own new mutant group called the Chosen. It consisted of Frostbite, Monster, One-Eyed Jack, Psycho-K and Wingspan, all of them whose genes were manipulated making them resemble the X-Men's original and founding members, yet it left them all genetically unstable.

The Chosen were mutant supremacists whose activities brought Xi'an Chi Xan's X-Men into direct confrontation with them, the X-Men would be defeated. A battle would erupt on the astral plane between Zhao and Xi'an that ended with the defeat of Zhao who had been rendered comatose on the physical realm. Zhao would later use the power of the Mindfire machine to activate his telepathy, causing hundreds of people to experience anguish all at once. Xi'an then overloaded the machine causing it to consume Zhao's remains, completely destroying him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Zhao is a powerful mutant telepath, he could manipulate other people's thoughts and emotions. He also has psychokinesis that allows him the power to create physical and psychic injury and the ability to levitate.

Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


Zhao is a gifted biochemist and geneticist.

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