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Quote1 The noble Thor doth move where he doth please, youth. Yet, methinks thou dost speak too familiar ... to a god! Quote2
-- The Mighty Thor

Appearing in "A Hitch in Time!"Edit

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Synopsis for "A Hitch in Time!"Edit

Walking through an alleyway, Peter Parker hears a woman being mugged, however when he rushes to her aid and saves her, she flees the scene, not wanting to get involved. Peter is suddenly aware that he is being watched by Thor. When they both notice that the color of the sky is inverting, Thor puts a protective barrier around them protecting them from the change, and Peter changes into Spider-Man.

They soon find themselves attacked by Kryllk the Cruel, who is plotting to use the Crystal of Darkness to take over Earth and Asgard. Their initial battle ends in failure as Kryllk and his men manage to escape. Tracking them to Asgard and beyond, Thor dispatches Spider-Man there (As Thor himself is in exile) to try and find Kryllk and his men.

Thor manages to track them down to a location just outside of Asgard, and as a battle rages, the Watcher appears just as Spider-Man and Thor defeated Kryllk to reclaim the Crystal of Darkness, which had been stolen from him.


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#1166-Z.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It to Team-Up. Letters are published from Larry Terwilliiger, Michael Jones Lowery, and Doug Ramstein.


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