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Bux & Jam; formerly ally of Nate Grey
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Jam's house, New York City; formerly Nate's Loft, Soho
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After Nate Grey destroyed the Coldsnap-9, and escaped from the Havok's Brotherhood, he was severely wounded. Rita and her friends Bux & Jam found him in the Washington Square Park and brought into Jam's house.[1] Bux used her tantric prayers to accelerate the healing process in Nate's body.[2]

A few weeks later, the girls and Nate danced at the Limelight club and was attacked by Jackknife. Grey fought with him and won, which further increased his popularity in the city.

When Jam got in a motorcycle accident she was taken to the Empire State Hospital. When Nate, Bux and Marita visited her in the Hospital, something strange happened. After touching Nate, Dr. Marcus Arlington III developed the ability to heal and Jam's arm was restored. The miracle boosted Nate’s popularity even more and Nate was now admired by hundreds of followers like some kind of messiah.[3]

Soon after arrived Purple Man. He used his powers and a few mercenaries to destroy Nate's popularity and claiming him as a terrorist.[4] After Nate defeated Killgrave, he erased the memory of himself amongst all New Yorkers, including Rita, Jam and Bux.[5]


  • She occasionally spoke in Spanish.

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