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HelpMagda Lehnsherr
Magda Lehnsherr (Earth-616)
Information-silkReal NameMagda Eisenhardt [1]
Information-silkCurrent AliasMagda Lehnsherr
Anya (mother, deceased);

Jakob Eisenhardt (father-in-law, deceased);
Edie Eisenhardt (mother-in-law, deceased);
Erich Eisenhardt (uncle-in-law, deceased);
Ruth Eisenhardt (sister-in-law, deceased);
Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) (husband);
Anya Lehnsherr (daughter, deceased);
Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) (daughter);
Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) (son);
The Vision (former son-in-law);
Crystalia Amaquelin Maximoff (Crystal) (former daughter-in-law);
Luna Maximoff (granddaughter);
Thomas Maximoff (grandson, deceased);
William Maximoff (grandson, deceased);
Thomas Shepherd (Speed) (reincarnation of grandson);
William Kaplan (Wiccan) (reincarnation of grandson);

Joseph (Magnus) (husband's clone, deceased)
Information-silkIdentityNo Dual Identity
Information-silkMarital StatusMarried
Information-silkOccupationformer school cleaner, prisoner
Information-silkPlace of BirthPoland
Information-silkPlace of DeathWundagore Mountain
Information-silkCreatorsDavid Michelinie, Mark Gruenwald, Steven Grant, John Byrne
First AppearanceAppearance of Death
Avengers #186Avengers #186
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Years during Nazi Reign

While working as cleaner at a school in Nuremberg, Germany, with her mother, Anya during the 1930s, young Max Eisenhardt, later known as Magneto, was attracted to Magda. Max would do things, such as create necklaces and excel in sporting events, to gain her attention. In 1936 Magda and her mother were deported into Marzahn Detention camp because of their Gypsy race. Their situation in the following years appeares as unrevealed. In 1944 Max, who became a member of the Sonderkommando at Auschwitz, Poland, discovered Magda in the Gypsy camp. Henceforward he fended for her to stay alive. Once he managed to get Magda out of the Auschwitz camp to the KZ Buchenwald, when he heard that the Nazi camp guards wanted to liquidate the Gypsy family camp. In that way Max saved her from the Zigeunernacht (Gypsy Night). When the Sonderkommando squads planned to uprise against the camp guards in October 7, 1944, Max got the information that Magda had returned in the old Gypsy camp. Once more he tried to get her out of the camp by hiding her in a corpse pile which came to the Sonderkommando for burning. After he found her, Max hid Magda in the bungalow of his squad that was not pleased to hide the girl, but he defended her against his mates. When the revolt started, Max and Magda escaped from the Death camp.

Magda and Max Eisenhardt (Earth-616) X-Factor Annual Vol 1 4

Magda and her husband Max in Auschwitz (left), and the birth of their daughter, Anya (right).

Enter: Magneto

For several years, Max and Magda lived in a Carpathian Mountain village, and eventually they were married. Magda soon gave birth to their daughter, Anya Eisenhardt. Max, at that point, sought out a forger, named Georg Odekirk, who was supposed to be amongst the best, and asked him to create a new identity for him and his family. Odekirk used the identity of the deceased "Erik Lehnsherr, the Sinte gypsy", so Max could live more easily amongst Magda's own people. Not satisfied with the simple life of a mountain village, Erik moved his family to the, then, Soviet city of Vinnitsa, so he could better himself.

When a fire broke-out in the inn that Magda and her family were staying in, Anya was trapped on the upper floors and a mob of people prevented Erik from rescuing her. Enraged, Erik's powers manifested uncontrollably, killing the men holding him, the crowd watching, and a large section of the city of Vinnitsa. Traumatized by both her daughter's death and Erik's new powers, Magda fled him, discovering months later she was pregnant again. After giving birth to the mutant twins, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, under the care of Bova Ayrshire on Wundagore Mountain, Magda fled into the wilderness, angry and scared, and soon perished in the cold.[2]

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