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HelpLurker from Loch Ness (Earth-616)
Information-silkReal NameUnknown
Information-silkAliasesthe Star Creature; the Monster from the Murk
Information-silkBase Of OperationsLoch Ness, Scotland
Information-silkUnusual FeaturesVery
Information-silkCreatorsLarry Lieber, Jim Lawrence, Ron Wilson
First AppearanceAppearance of Death
Super Spider-Man & Captain Britain #233Super Spider-Man & Captain Britain #234
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The Lurker from Loch Ness (whose name and planet of origin are as yet unrevealed) was an alien from a planet in great need of solar radiation of a type specific to our Sun. His race intended to drain the Sun of energy, but the project would take centuries to complete and in the meantime, the rise of mankind threatened its success, so the alien (who had concealed himself in Loch Ness and disguised his ship as the legendary Loch Ness Monster) intended to build satellites which would drain away all humanity's electrical power, dooming the human race to extinction.

He was then defeated by Captain Britain and apparently killed when his craft exploded, also killing his servant, an innkeeper named McNab. The real Loch Ness Monster survived, however...

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