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Curt Connors ("Father")
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Reptile form
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In a damp and cramped place, beneath the Florida Everglades, something savage stirred, as if in response to the hum of the great machines which were pumping life back into the battered body of security agent Cary Armstrong[1].

Driven by a strange, instinctive, psychic pull, the reptilian creature scrambled its way north towards New York City, slaughtering whoever came in its way[2].

The creature finally reached Dix Hills, where it crashed into a party hosted by Dr. Noah Purl[3].

After taking Toni Moore hostage and injuring Strongarm, the creature fled underground, thanks to Scarlet Spider's intervention[4].

Lizard then attacked Dr. Purl at the Empire State Hospital and sought refuge in the Central Park Zoo, before being eventually caught and delivered to the police by the Scarlet Spider and Strongarm[5].

A short time later, the Lizard creature fought against Spider-Man and Peter Parker on the rooftop of the New York University Medical Center.[6]
The creature then tracked back Curt Connors to Florida, attacking him in his West Palm Beach home.[7]
Connors eventually transformed into Lizard and, helped by Spider-Man, managed to defeat the reptilian creature.[8]

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