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Kiddo,[citation needed] New Car Smell,[citation needed] Sentinel,[citation needed] Timmy Tool Belt[citation needed]
Information-silk Relatives
Pete (father),

Jen (mother),
Chris (brother),
Ginny Baker (aunt),

Rick Seyfert (uncle),
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Avengers Academy, partner of his Sentinel
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High school sophomore

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Human teenager befriended by a Sentinel
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Quote1 Open the development module. I wanna add a new prime directive--one that overrides everything else. When unit becomes mobile, unit will not attempt to abandon Juston. Not ever. No matter what. Quote2
-- Juston src 


Juston Seyfert was raised along with his younger brother Chris by his father, Pete, in Antigo, Wisconsin. His mother left their family when he was still very young because she tired of domestic life and responsibility. The Seyfert family lived in a junkyard Seyfert Salvage. Juston and Chris had a very close relationship, and frequently worked together to built battlebots. Unfortunately, Juston and his friends Matt and Alex, small for their age, were often picked on at school[1]

Juston Seyfert (Earth-616) meets Sentinel (Juston) (Earth-616)
Juston first meets his Sentinel
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When Juston discovered a control chip, he didn't realize how important the discovery really was and inadvertently activated the self-repair mode of a deactivated Sentinel.[1] After discovering the semi-operational Sentinel, Juston began helping to rebuild and reprogram him.[2]

Juston Seyfert (Earth-616) and Sentinel (Juston) (Earth-616) 009
Juston fighting crime with his Sentinel
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Juston's first major use of the Sentinel was to scare Greg and Josh, two bully-jocks who had been tormenting him and his friends. It worked, and Juston appeared to be a hero for scaring of the Sentinel.[3] However, almost immediately after, Juston began to feel guilty for his ill-gotten fame. To redeem himself he began going out at night with the Sentinel to good some good including rescuing a truck driver from an accident[4] and rescuing four survivors of a lane crash.[5] Juston Sentinel was eventually caught by the Commission on Superhuman Activities, partially fearing being implicated and partially wanting to find his mother, Juston stole the Sentinel and ran away.[6][7]

Fearing that the reemergence of the Sentinel would lead to evidence of their assassination conspiracy, Colonel Hunt and Senator Knudesen decided to use a prototype Sentinel Mk VII-A to destroy the Sentinel and kill Juston.[8] Juston was not able to find his mother, but he was able to escape Hunt's Stealth Sentinel, rescue his family, and blackmail Hunt and Knudsen into leaving them alone. After the their final battle, Juston used parts from the deactivated Sentinel Mk VII-A to repair and enhance his Sentinel.[9]

Juston Seyfert (Earth-616) and Sentinel (Juston) (Earth-616) 001
Juston working on his Sentinel on the beach of the Avengers Compound
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Avengers Academy

After knowledge of Juston's Sentinel became public, everyone freaked out. To keep his Sentinel, Juston joined the Avengers Academy which had just expanded it's enrollment, and relocated to the Avengers Compound in Los Angeles, California.[10] Despite his father's protest, Juston chose to remain with the Avengers Academy.[11][12]

Juston continued to retool and modify his Sentinel, although it's presences at caused some issues with mutants at the Avengers Compound,[13][14][15][16] and despite his best efforts, Juston was unable to remove the "Destroy All Mutants" programming. Juston was able to add new directives that contradicted this original programming and set the "Destroy All Mutants" program as it's least important directive.[17]

Juston Seyfert (Earth-616) 004
Quicksilver and Giant-Man rebuilding Juston's Sentinel
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When the Phoenix Force imbued five X-Men with its cosmic powers,[18] the Phoenix Five set out to reframe the world to there liking including the destruction of all Sentinels.[18] Emma Frost personally came to the Avengers Compound to destroy Juston's Sentinel.[17] Juston and the other students protested, and in the end Juston's Sentinel sacrificed itself to safe Juston from Emma. Luckily, Quicksliver was able to obtain the Sentinel's central processing unit before Emma destroyed it, but the Sentinel was able to be rebuilt.[11]

Juston Seyfert (Earth-616) and Sentinel (Juston) (Earth-616) 003
Juston's designed Sentinel as a battle robot armor
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Death of Juston Seyfert (Earth-616)
Apex murdering Juston
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Avengers Arena

Juston and his Sentinel were among the sixteen young super heros kidnapped by Arcade to battle to the death in his new Murderworld.[19] To prevent suspicion, Arcade sent a humanoid robot to live with his family in Antigo.[12]

Originally, Juston journeyed out with his classmates X-23, Hazmat, and Reptil.[20] Unfortunately, it wasn't long before Juston and his Sentinel were attacked by Apex.[21] During the struggle, Juston was paralyzed, the Sentinel was destroyed, and Juston was left for dead among the Sentinel wreckage in the desert.[21][22]

Fortunately, Juston survived, and driven by revenge he rebuild the Sentinel as a pilot operated fighting machine. Bend on revenge, Juston tried to kill Apex, but was stopped by Tim Bashir.[22] It was long however until Apex regain control of her shared body, snapped Juston's neck, and left with his Sentinel, Death Locket, and Chasehawk.[23] What remained of the Sentinel was finally destroyed by Nico with her Staff of One during her final battle with Apex.[24]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Juston has no super powers or superhuman abilities.


Juston is a very gifted mechanic and programmer. Prior to finding his Sentinel, he and his brother were capable of building small "battlebot" out of scraps and spare parts.[1][25]

Power Grid [26]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Lower intelligence, heightened other stats possessed by his Sentinel





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