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Quote1 Again your forbidden love for that mortal female has caused you to shirk your duty!! This time there is no forgiveness in my heart! This time I order you banished from Asgard! Quote2
-- Odin

Appearing in "Every Hand Against Him!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Every Hand Against Him!"Edit

While patrolling the city, Thor gets the ominous feeling that evil is waiting for an appropriate time to strike, little knowing that Loki has once again traveled to Earth seeking revenge on the thunder god. Disguising himself as a mortal, Loki pays the bail for both the Cobra and Mr. Hyde.

Meanwhile, Thor returns to his moral guise of Dr. Donald Blake and resumes his daily routine of keeping after his patients, little knowing at that very moment his three most sinister foes were organizing together. At a hotel room, Loki reveals his true form to Mr. Hyde and the Cobra and orders them to defeat Thor on his behalf, using his magic to double their strength. Loki sends the two goons out to kidnap Jane Foster, telling them that this will aid in defeating Thor.

The duo tear a path to Donald Blake's office where the Cobra snatches Jane Foster, prompting Blake to change into Thor and pursue his opponent. He finds the Cobra with Mr. Hyde and is about to attack when Hyde threatens to harm Foster. The two villains escape with Foster in a cab, telling Thor to return to that street corner in 24 hours to surrender his hammer if he wants to see Foster alive again.

Meanwhile in Asgard, Loki has returned and turned Odin's attention to Earth at just the time to see that Thor had allowed the Cobra and Mr. Hyde to escape. Angered, Odin scolds Thor who tells his father he had no choice but let them go because of Foster being their hostage. Angered that once again his son continues to love a mortal, Odin banishes Thor from Asgard.

Realizing that Loki has something to do with the events, Thor travels to Asgard and fights his way past Heimdall and the entire Asgard army confronts Loki. He manages to force the whereabouts of Mr. Hyde and the Cobra from Loki when suddenly Odin enters the room and scolds Thor for continuing to disobey him. Thor apologizes and attempts to explain his situation and asks Odin to help him save Jane Foster by transporting him to the location she's being held at. Odin does so, suspending his judgment over Thor's insubordination once his mission is done.

Arriving at Mr. Hyde and the Cobra's hide out, he finds that the entire house is decked with numerous traps. Thor fights his way through them and gets into a battle with the now twice as strong Mr. Hyde and Cobra. At the battles climax, Mr. Hyde causes an explosion that he believes finally killed Thor and leaves his body behind. Thor is merely stunned and revives shortly after and continues his search for Jane. He finds her in another room and finds that she has been mortally wounded in the explosion.

While Thor is distraught that Jane will soon die, Mr. Hyde is on his way to the very room with the Cobra to prove that he finally defeated Thor. In a last attempt to keep Jane alive, Thor uses his hammer to create a time warp around the building to keep her alive, just as he is found by his two foes.

Appearing in "Tales of Asgard: The Defeat of Odin!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Tales of Asgard: The Defeat of Odin!"Edit

Quote1 Trumpeter!! For the first time since the dawn of man--sound the retreat!! Quote2

Following the death of the defiant Rampok the Rebel, his son Prince Rivvak has taken up his kingdoms rebellion against Asgard, and this has caused Odin and the warriors from his land to mount a battle against the insubordinate kingdom.

While the Asgardian's prepare for battle, Rivvak's men lack confidence that their new leader has the strength to carry them into battle. When the Asgardian's make the first move, the battle fields flaming geysers erupt, threatening the steeds that they ride. Odin calls for his troops to retreat as Rivvak's army charges into battle. Odin's retreat causes Rivvak's men to hail him a fearless leader.

Later Thor asks why Odin called his troops to retreat, Odin explained that rebellion is always good for the blood of his people, and so he wanted to give Rivvak the credibility he needed to maintain the status quo.

  • credits for Story 1:
    • Spectacularly Written by: Stan Lee
    • Magnificently Drawn by: Jack Kriby
    • Powerfully Inked by: Chic Stone
    • Eventually Lettered by: Art Simek
  • credits for Story 2:
    • Another towering triumph by Marvel's talented titanic team:
    • Stan Lee, Writer
    • Jack Kirby, Illustrator
    • Vince Colletta, Delineator
    • Art Simek, Letterer

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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