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John Proudstar (Earth-1100) from Exiles Days of Then and Now Vol 1 1 page 00
Information-silkReal NameJohn Proudstar
Information-silkCurrent AliasThunderbird
Information-silkAliasesT-Bird, War
Information-silkRelativesWarpath (brother, deceased);
unborn child by Nocturne (deceased);
Information-silkAffiliationExiles, formerly X-Men, Horsemen of Apocalypse
Information-silkIdentitySecret Identity
Information-silkMarital StatusSingle
Information-silkOccupationReality Jumper, former Horseman
Information-silkHeight6' 2"
Information-silkWeight1000 lbs (454 kg)
Information-silkPlace of BirthApache reservation at Camp Verde, Arizona
Information-silkCreatorsJudd Winick, Mike McKone
First Appearance
Exiles #1
10th Anniversary

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John Proudstar was born on an Apache Reservation and served in the Army. After leaving the military he was approached by Professor Charles Xavier and offered a chance to join the X-Men. He accepted on the condition his brother James could join as well. Xavier agreed.

In the months that followed, John and James proved their worth. Tragically, James was killed while fighting Count Nefaria. John, feeling responsible, left the X-Men for some time. He returned months later at the same moment as Apocalypse attacked the X-Men. Unleashing his anger on Apocalypse, Thunderbird was able to save the X-Men, but was captured during Apocalypse's retreat.

Apocalypse experimented on Thunderbird, transforming him into the Horseman of War. John eventually broke free of Apocalypse's mind control and defeated his master. He then returned to the X-Men and attempted to pick up the pieces of his life.

The Timebroker summoned T-Bird, as he was calling himself now (because he felt more like a car than a bird), and met his fellow Exiles in a barren desert. The Timebroker told him that if he did not help the Exiles complete their missions he would remain Apocalypse's servant.

On one world, during a mission in which the Exiles had to save Alpha Flight from an insane Hulk, he encountered another version of himself who was almost his own opposite. This John had become the Shaman of Alpha Flight and possessed an inner peace and certainty T-Bird doubted he could ever have. He found talking to his other self was almost like being with James again. While on this world, he was forced into a fight with the Hulk. He went deeper than usual into his War transformation, losing control and pummeling the Hulk into unconsciousness. His alternate self was able to get him to retake control over himself.

Having a baby During his time with the Exiles, T-Bird was growing closer with Nocturne, a fellow Exile. On her world, she had been involved with his brother. They got off to a rocky start, mostly due to T-Bird having trouble accepting her feelings for him. As far as he was concerned, he was a monster. The stress and loneliness that came with being on the Exiles shouldn't force her to be with someone like him. She eventually convinced him her feelings were real, and they continued their relationship in full. The rest of the Exiles were hardly aware of it.

T-Bird and some of the other Exiles were captured and forced into gladiatorial combat on an Earth that had been under Skrull rule for a century. He would often refuse to fight in his heavyweight matches. Either he would lose or he would be driven to the point where he had to fight, pulling of a sudden comeback victory as he did against the world's Guido Carosella. During captivity, Nocturne revealed to him that she was pregnant with his child. Their captivity came to an end when the Skrulls suddenly began leaving the planet, and the reason became clear when Terrax arrived. Galactus was coming, and the Exiles had the responsibility to save this world from him.

A plan to repel Galactus was formulated, and the grand finale was to detonate an antimatter bomb within him. This was to be Banner Beast's responsibility, but he was swatted away by Galactus and dropped the bomb. T-Bird saw the bomb and understood that he was the only one close enough and strong enough to do what needed to be done. Taking the bomb, he allowed himself to go all the way into his War transformation, causing his humanity to start to slip away. He leapt onto Galactus back, punched a hole through the Devourer's armor and deposited the bomb. The explosion caused Galactus enough trauma that he left to find a simpler meal. T-Bird's body was recovered and brought to a medical station. Physically, he healed completely. Mentally, he was pronounced brain dead.

A Sasquatch from another world appeared to take his place on the Exiles, and he was left behind. Eventually, his body was recovered and put into stasis in the Panoptichron. He remained there for a long time until emerging fully healed.

He along with Nocturne and Blink then took some time off the Exiles and went to Heather Hudson's reality on a vacation.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Originally, John Proudstar was a mutant with super strength, reflexes and senses. After being experimented upon by Apocalypse, John's strength was increased and battle armor plates added to his body. Apocalypse also made him nearly impervious to the elements, allowing him to survive without breathing and possibly without food. T-Bird was able to fight and defeat the Hulk of Earth-901237 while in an enraged state. Thunderbird was also too dense to swim.

Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills

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