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Assassin; Mercenary

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Human mutant and cyborg
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Jet-Black is a cyborg mercenary and a member of the Rising Sons. Jet-Black is able to morph himself in to either a high-powered motorcycle with various weapons or into heavy armor suit.

Jet-Black worked with a team consisting of Dragonwing, Nightwind, Spoilsport, the Sign and Tough Love. The Rising Sons were hired to protect a man named Noy, who had in his possession a sword that was used to kill Adrienne Frost's husband.

Adrienne wanted the sword for herself and sent the mercenary Paladin to get it, but the Rising Sons fought him off and left him for dead. Paladin returned alongside Generation X members Jubilee, Skin, Chamber, Synch and Husk.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Jet-Black's lower torso can quickly alter itself into a motorcycle with missile launchers mounted on the sides. The motorcycle form is super fast, he is even able to evade psionic energy blasts from Chamber. His fully armored form protects him from physical injury.

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