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A young superhuman who was captured and imprisoned by Norman Osborn during his time as leader of the Initiative, Jeremy Briggs spent weeks being tortured in an effort by Osborn to improve his powers. Eventually freed when Osborn was deposed, Briggs decided to turn his powers of molecular alteration to financial gain, starting his own chemical company.[1]

Tracking his fellow former captives, Briggs became interested in those who became members of the Avengers Academy, eventually meeting with them. After showing them several other former captives who were leading happy lives as civilians (and one, Steve, who'd been killed trying to become a super-hero), Briggs attempted to convince the Academy students to join his company. When Finesse confronted him with the observations that he'd been lying, and that he may have had a hand in Steve's death, Briggs quickly incapacitated the students and had his guards remove them from his office.[1]

After recruiting several former Initiative members along with Veil and former Avengers Academy teacher Jocasta, Briggs journeyed to the new Academy headquarters, the former Avengers Compound and attempted to recruit the Academy students to his group. Following impassioned speeches by several individuals on both sides, most of the students opted to stay with the Academy, though Rocket Racer and Machine Teen saw fit to leave with him for their own reasons. Striking a deal with Hazmat, Briggs acquired some of Mettle's damaged skin, promising to fix Mettle's condition, but making his own plans for the samples.[2]

Eventually he is killed by Finesse with the claws of the unconscious X-23 when his plans are foiled.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Able to alter materials on a molecular level, notably turning gasses into liquids and altering body chemistry.

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