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Jean Grey fell in love with Wolverine when they were sent on a mission to the Caribbean. When Logan kissed Jean she was confused at first, but decided to start a relationship with him nevertheless.

When the X-Men were flying to find and capture Fabian Cortez, she was day-dreaming of the first time she kissed Logan while Cyclops was talking to her. Wolverine at the same time was trying to stop thinking of her and concentrate on their mission.

After their plane was shot down, they encountered Fabian, and a fight ensued. When Cortez snuck up on Wolverine and grabbed him from behind, she unleashed power that was probably from the Phoenix, taking Cortez out of the fight.

When they arrived back at the X-Mansion and Nick Fury announced that SHIELD would be watching over the X-Men, Wolverine stormed off in anger. Later when Fury, Professor X, Cyclops, and Jean were having a conference, Jean was in mental contact with Logan at the same time. She screamed his name as he died, and everybody at the X-Mansion blacked out.

After everyone woke back up, Jean was in a critical state, and could not be awakened. Eventually after putting her through tests, Professor X searched through her mind telepathically, and when he got to the point where she saw Logan die, he blacked out again temporarily, and she woke up shortly there after and screamed at Storm "You killed the man I love", which confuses Scott. Now that everyone knew that Storm had killed Wolverine, Jean joined the rest of the X-Men and chased her, before she eventually escaped them.

When Scott asked Jean if what she said was true, she said she was sorry and thought it would be best if they broke up. She eventually fell into love with Beast. When the X-Men fought the Consortium in space, Jean lost another love. Beast had to make sure the detonators went off and destroyed Weapon-X. The space station exploded successfully, but Beast and Tony Stark died along with it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Seemingly those of Jean Grey of Earth-616.


  • In X-Men Forever #1 Jean is seen kissing Wolverine on the beach.
  • Jean and Wolverine's love story is told in X-Men Forever Annual #1.

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