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Brother Xavier

James Howlett (Earth-2988)
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Brother Xavier
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The Enemy, Wolverine, War, Weapon X, Logan
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Brother Xavier hails from a reality in which Genesis successfully bonded adamantium to Wolverine's skeleton and transformed him into the Horseman of War as a gift for Apocalypse. However, Wolverine turned on Apocalypse, killing him, and then going on a rampage in which he killed most of the supervillains of the world. He was hunted down by his fellow superheroes when Logan targeted common criminals.

Wolverine eventually dissappears, and the "War Watch" is formed to protect people from The Enemy, as Wolverine is now dubbed. Meanwhile, the Wolf Pack, a cult of criminals following Wolverine's violent tendencies, is also formed.

The War Watch is guided by an aged man who calls himself Brother Xavier, who, unbeknowst to both sides, is none other than Logan himself, having snapped out of his berserker tendencies and seeking redepmtion.

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