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Aunt Mayhem (aunt), Uncle Benny (uncle), Cousin Lance (cousin)
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A matter of opinion
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Office gofer for Marble Comics, would-be comedy relief.

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Irving Forbush was originally the office gofer at Marble Comics, and lived in a house with his shrewish maiden aunt (Auntie Mayhem) who was indirectly responsible for her nephew becoming a superhero (in a fit of pique, she slams the fabled cooking pot over Irving's head, inadvertently providing him with the disguise he'd been looking for).

Forbush Man went on to triumph over a number of super-powered adversaries. All of his victories were purely accidental; lacking superhuman powers, dumb luck necessarily played a major role in all of his adventures.

Forbush Man later applied for membership with the Revengers, S.H.E.E.S.H. and finally the Echhs-Men. After each attempt ends in disaster for the group concerned, Forbush is offered a position in 'Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band', which he declines, believing it better to "quit while I'm still behind." Forbush Man later fought against 'the Strangie'.

Forbush Man was later seen as a member of the New Paramounts. Forbush Man was apparently killed by Tabitha Smith after he failed to mind control her (she apparently had no mind worth affecting).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Forbush Man has the power to project utterly realistic visions into the minds of others when he removes the cast-iron pot on his head. The hallucinations typically depict a reality that is hellish to each victim, slowly killing them as they struggle against it.


His power had no effect on Tabitha Smith as she apparently had no mind at all.




Marvel Super Heroes RPG, character sheet. 1986

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