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Iron Man Armor Model 29

Information-silk Official Name
Information-silk Aliases
Tony 2.0
Information-silk Model
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Lead Designer
Tony Stark
Information-silk Origin
Stark's latest test model tested new technologies designed on speed. Not just in terms of travel, but in the response time between the wearer's thought and the armor's action.


When Stark came under attack by Absynthe, "Tony 2.0" went into action on its own. The armor apparently sacrificed itself to dismantle a thermonuclear device.


The armor was capable of analyzing and learning from its wearer as well as following routines such as autopilot. In emergency situations (such as Absynthe's attack), it "uploaded" the consciousness of its wearer.

Boot jets were variable mode and automatically adapted to environmental changes such as lack of air. For high speed underwater, the armor used a supercativation spike.

A capacitor ring mounted in the back stored and regulated the suit's power.

Manipulators mounted in the arms fired repulsors. Plates on the knuckles could generate a powerful electric shock. "Impact studs" can extend from the elbows. The armor's uni-beam seemed to be standard issue.

The centrifugal accelerator located in the neck ring could launch tungsten-carbide rounds at hypersonic speeds. Penetrator fletchettes could also be fired in bursts from the gauntlets.

The armor's outer shell could be used to generate resonance. While Stark used it initially for broadcasting music, it could be turned into a potent sonic weapon.

For defensive purposes, the armor had "chameleonware" cloaking as well as chaff and flares.


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