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Iron Man Armor MK VI

Information-silk Official Name
Information-silk Aliases
Recovery Armor; Rehab Armor
Information-silk Version
Could be considered an update of Model 1
Next Version
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Lead Designer
Anthony Stark
Information-silk Origin
This armor was developed by Stark while he was recovering from alcoholism. It was essentially an upgrade of his original gray armor but less powerful than the red and gold armors.
Information-silk Current Owner
Anthony Stark
First appearance


This suit was intended to only be a test model. However, Stark was soon forced to use it alongside and later against James Rhodes.

After Stark was forced to abandon the armor on a mission, Doctor Demonicus found it. He was quickly defeated.

It very much resembles the Mark I armor, only with a much more streamlined appearance and lack of shoulder antenna.


It incorporated repulsors, a uni-beam and flight, but was not as powerful as the more recent red and gold.

Improvements were made to the joint systems and cooling.


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