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Iron Man Armor MK II

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Golden Avenger; Gold Armor
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Next Version
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Stark upgraded the armor immediately after returning home in America.
Information-silk Current Owner
Anthony Stark


Slightly modified version of the MK I armor which included a gold paint job to make its appearance not as frightening as Tony Stark realized MK I's was. His date Marion who went with Stark at a circus suggested the armor be painted gold like a knight in shining armor which Stark conveniently did.[1]

Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Tales of Suspense Vol 1 45 001

Stark would keep this armor, even wearing it during the early adventures of the Avengers, but was forced to create the Iron Man Armor MK III after a disastrous battle with Mister Doll nearly killed him.[2]



  • Repulsors
  • The first uni-beam (or monobeam) became functional. It functioned chiefly as a spotlight but could be adapted for a heat ray or a "proton beam".
  • Electricity could now be run through the armor's surface.

Defenses: Power systems were improved. An internal air supply was added.

Boot Jets were improved. Jet-powered roller skates and a propeller for use in water provided enhanced mobility.

The armor's magnetic effects were also boosted. Of note is a beam that could deflect energy.

An impact control switch was used to brace the armor.

Mirrors were used for the first image inducer.

The armor possessed various gadgets: Diamond-edged digging tools, a loudspeaker, "jet stream" discs, freon tablets, tear gas bombs, even a sledgehammer for use against the Hulk.

Radar and a fluoroscope were used as sensors.

Radio communications were enhanced by an antenna and a recorder.

After the initial armor was damaged by the Melter's ray, a variant of the armor was used with an aluminum coating. A second model was also developed while Stark was held by Kala.


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