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Infant Terrible
Information-silk Relatives
unnamed parents
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Antennae; Suction-cup feet; Three fingers; Bug-eyed
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First appearance

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Quote1 He has regressed to an infantile state. He will not hear us, nor respond to our instructions. Quote2
-- Power-Skrull  

Infant terrible was a child belonging to the alien race called the Elanians who possessed immense powers to manipulate all forms of matter and energy. It is unknown under what circumstances it happened to stumble onto Earth, but upon its arrival, it began causing great mayhem and was confronted by the Fantastic Four. After an initial encounter, the Infant was seduced to aid a group of gangsters, led by "Big Joe", in their crimes. Eventually, the Infant was picked up by its parents, who had been contacted by Mister Fantastic[1].

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Molecular Matter Manipulation: The Delinquent possesses the psionic ability to manipulate all forms of matter and energy. This means that virtually any conceivable thing The Delinquent wants, can be accomplished.

Known uses of his power include;

  • Teleportation: The Delinquent possesses the ability to instantaneously move items from one place to another. He can also teleportation himself with others.
  • Force Field Generation: The Delinquent can generate a energy-cocoon to protect himself.
  • Matter Transmutation: The Delinquent can transmute matter into anything he wants; for example, he can transmute a chunk of rock into a spacecraft.
Power Grid [2]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


  • Insanity: The Delinquent's mind seems to have responded to the ordeal of being under the control of Annihilus' mind-controlling parasites by retreating into madness. Thus he has regressed to an infantile state.

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