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Impala (real name unknown) is female, and apparently African in origin. She is a mercenary, but follows a strict honor code. A non-powered athlete and fighter, she carries various throwing weapons, particularly a set of extensible javelins.

Impala turned up as a member of Superia's all-female army of supervillains and mercenaries, the Femizons. Aboard Superia's yacht, Impala participated in a pageant of Femizons showing off their abilities. Impala befriended her fellow mercenaries Asp and Black Mamba and helped them search for their friend Diamondback, who had been thrown overboard.

After the Superia affair, Impala came to the aid of Asp and Black Mamba again, when they were attacked by several other former Femizons, who were seeking to claim a bounty on their heads. For a time afterwards, Impala was a member of Asp and Black Mamba's mercenary group BAD Girls, Inc.. With her new teammates, Impala clashed with the Avenger Sersi when they attempted to steal a Serpent Saucer from the headquarters of the Serpent Society. She has, however, rarely appeared recently. She was said to have previously battled members of The Supremacists, a team of superhumans based in South Africa, and a hero known as the Coal Tiger.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit




Impala was a skilled athlete and hand-to-hand combatant, and was particularly proficient in using thrown weaponry, especially her javelins. She was seen to be able to throw one javelin in the air, and while it was still airborne, to throw another after it, splitting it down the middle.

Strength level

Impala possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.



Impala carried a stock of foot-long javelins that she could throw with deadly accuracy.

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